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Comment And it's not going anywhere (Score 1) 273

The lead isn't going to leak out of these things. It's essentially inert.
The demand just isn't there. Same with scrap metal. My local scrap metal place doesn't pay anything for scrap steel anymore.
The Iraq war created a lot of demand for scrap steel.
You'd think that lead recycling would be in demand given that the last US lead smelter closed in 2013 but perhaps manufactured products using lead are all made overseas.

Comment Make Siri more useful (Score 4, Funny) 114

Yesterday, I needed to turn on the iPhone's flashlight and for some bizarre reason, it wouldn't let me swipe up from the bottom of the screen to turn it on. So I asked Siri to do turn it on and she said, "I can't do that." Siriously? A while back, the speedometer cable in my truck broke so I couldn't tell how fast I was going. I asked Siri thinking that she would be able to use the GPS to figure it out. "Hey, Siri, how fast am I going?" She said, "I've been wondering that for a while." Yeah, um, hey Siri, quit being a smartass millenial and do some work.

Comment Benefits used to be...benefits (Score 1) 131

There was a time when benefits were optional or rare. Then price and wage controls were introduced and the only way employers could attract good talent was to offer them "benefits". Now they are mandatory. Things might be better if people got more money and chose their own health plan outside of work just like car insurance. (Along with being able to buy across state lines and tort reform but that's a story for another time.)

Comment Still doesn't measure productivity (Score 1) 158

When I worked at a Fortune 500 company, I actually witnessed some woman spend an entire day updating her stupid Franklin planner. A whole damn day. Showing up for work is not a valid method of determining compensation. One should get rewarded for results not for the amount of hours they're at their place of employment.

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