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Comment Re:This is deeply offensive (Score 1) 410

What has this person done of note, other than charge lots of money for a product? I imagine some here will try to be civil, and ask him a serious question, but why? He is not a remarkable person, so please do not treat him as such. I know, I know, everyone is interesting in their own way, but then, we might as well interview a stomped cockroach on Slashdot next.

I'd really rather hear from the stomped cockroach.

Comment Re:Hasn't this been done before? (Score 0) 208

If MS made this a 1st class citizen of Visual Studio it might gain some traction.

The same Visual Studio that phones home with telemetry about what you're coding and how well it's going? Yeah, thanks very much but no thanks.

I mean, the irony is hilarious: Microsoft (MICROSOFT!) being concerned about language safety issues!

Comment Re:So wrong... (Score 1) 742

And one more:

"[...] reluctance to overthrow sovereign Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi [...]"

In what dreamworld of Assange's was Gaddafi a "sovereign" leader by any stretch of the imagination? That's just ludicrous! Gaddafi seized power in a military coup in 1969 and clung to power for the next 42 years as a murderous despot. He is not forgotten and he is never missed. Libyans themselves shot him when they finally got the chance.

So ... that part is just complete horseshit, Julian.

Comment Re: Bullshit conclusion (Score 2) 386

Look, if they cherry-pick for juries from the population, then they're clearly selecting for those individuals more easily manipulated/swayed/persuaded -- so to precede that information with a generalized statement like "[all] People are programmed" is potentially self-contradictory and therefore illogical. But don't mind me; you just go on thinking that way.

Say, wouldn't you feel left behind without this shiny, new, latest-generation iGadget? C'mon right over here ...

Comment redundant redundancy (Score 1) 66

Does anyone actually edit Slashdot article summaries anymore? Both the 3rd and 7th sentences of the summary read, "low-level criminal attackers are even creating call center operations to increase the impact of their scams". I think we all got the point the first time it was made. Does anyone actually edit Slashdot article summaries anymore?

Comment Re:Internet Depression (Score 1) 110

Most importantly, avoid places both real and online, where they may congregate. Specifically mentioned as such dangerously stupid locations are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn.

And Peeple. Don't forget Peeple. Especially stay away from Peeple if you want to avoid really dangerously stupid people.

Comment Re:What the hell ... (Score 1) 188

Depends on the context, doesn't it? I've never suggested that nothing else has any value, and if you think that, I suggest you go back and reread what was written. I have asserted that there are questions of priority and significance and that cat videos come fairly low on the totem pole. You are, of course, within your rights to disagree.

Comment Re:What the hell ... (Score 1) 188

You make it sound as if Facebook invented group communication. Judging by your /. ID, you've been around at least as long as I have -- or well before the internet, so you must be well aware that there are any number of other ways to accomplish exactly what you carried out on your busy Sunday afternoon equally well. Oh, I get it: it's just so much more convenient doing it all in Facebook. Fine, but don't try to pretend that there's nothing else and no other way. So the whole "quest to engineer meaningful solutions... is not just about math and science, it's about making amazing solutions for real people in the real world. It's about pushing mankind to its outer limits by inspiring the world to imagine bigger solutions than our hands can hold" is just so much meaningless nauseating babble.

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