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Comment Are we from different countries? (Score 2) 116

"Trump's government lowers the cost of the legal insurance, which lowers the total cost of doing business." Are you from some magical land where cable and teleco monopolies would have any reason at all to pass the money they have saved onto the consumer? Because here in america, we're used to paying more and more for the same or worse quality internet service, especially compared to the rest of the world.

Comment This is horrifying (Score 0) 158

Pigs and such are tortured in modern slughterhouses, now we'll allow it for human hybrids? And just how human are they? What if today's ag gag bills are used against these hybrids, to prolong their suffering. But also scary is how glib people are here about it. Man bear pig? Seriously? That bit was dumb anyhow, AGW trash.

Comment Re: Gaza to be attacked in 3... 2 (Score 1) 109

"The real dirty secret is that all Pali groups want to wipe out Israel as a Jewish state" Actually, palestinians at large just want to exist. If israel hates palestine's modern leadership, maybe it shouldn't have regularly assassinated palestinian leaders.Maybe israel should treat palestinians as human beings rather than keeping the territories as close as possible to a humanitarian crisis without spurring external intervention. Again, words of israeli officials, not mine.

Comment Re: Gaza to be attacked in 3... 2... 1.. (Score 1) 109

And somebody calls me anti-semitic in 3.. 2.. 1... The IDF has been seen to use any excuse at all to attack gaza and further its illegal settlements. During the last round of attacks, there was an extended premise of "searching" for three teenagers whom the IDF already knew were dead. Israel is slipping further and further into fascism, not according to its enemies, but its own forner officials. Zionist trolls live in a post-fact based reality. This is where you call me an anti semite again.

Comment Good thing we can cook up conspiracy theories! (Score 1) 185

Clearly conspiracy theories are true whenever the target is Russia, and whenever the accuser is our intellihence conmunity, which lied us into two wars. Nevermind that Clapper himself has stated thay we definitely don't know who it was. Nevermind that the media and political establishment have made clear their intent to blame Russia for their and Clinton's failings, respectively. No, clearly there's a complex conspiratorial network between snowden, assange, and russi. give me a break. It's a good thing that the CTR shills didn't get fired, huh?

Comment Re:defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 497

"Only 80 killed in 10 years, sounds like the defense was working for the most part."

Yes, thank god for our failure of trillion-dollar F-35 program; thank god we've blown so much money indiscriminately killing people as to ensure a continued war on terror and our eternal presence in the middle east; thank god the Defense Department magically "lost" 6.5 TRILLION dollars. I feel safer already, do you?

The line I quoted is what magical thinking looks like.

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