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Comment Re: Does anybody ... (Score 1) 474

You mean, does anybody trust wikileaks after several successive rounds of leaks being admitted legitimate by the leaky party? Maybe you should check the news, but you probably won't like what you see. To answer your question, yes, plenty trust wikleaks, except those who only consume cable TV news are shilling for the establishment or clinton campaign on sites like this. I would be surprised if one of those two didn't describe you as well, Martin.

Comment "Paid shills for either side" LOL (Score 1) 232

Everyone knows there's no money to warrant shilling for Palestinians. Israeli government-sponsored shilling, on the other hand, is a proven fact. Israel was adept enough to hire trolls back in the 2000s, before even the US government got around to it.

So no need for the "both sides" false equivocation. There's only one side, much like everything else between Israel and Palestine, when it comes to money.

Comment "inflammatory content" == whatever angers Israel (Score 1) 232

So you can bet that on-the-ground footage showing excessive force by IDF and the like can be deemed "inflammatory". Israel's PR cleaners are panicking that the state doesn't have the control over western media that it once did, thanks to the advent of social media.

Comment Title is dead wrong, as is the ArsTechnica article (Score 2) 133

Dave Aitel DID NOT SAY the DNC hack was the Russians. He said THIS hack was the Russians. Snowden similarly did not say the DNC hack was the Russians, he said THIS hack was, and that it was related to the eacalation after the DNC hack--that is, accusations toward Russia afterwards. There is zero evidence that the DNC hack was rhe Russians, nor that it was even so sophistocated as to require a state actor.

Comment Re:Funny how "climate activism" has become code fo (Score 1) 323

re: the second quote--using examples of record freezing in some areas as am AGW argument--despite far more examples of heat records broken elsewhere, and on average for the world--sounds pretty fucking dumb to me. It was rebranded to "climate change" to alleviate confusion for people like this.

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