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Comment Re:Btsync (Score 1) 285

That's an overly narrow view. Yeah, if you're dealing with sensitive data then btsync probably isn't for you. But for making sure that you've got backups of your music, photos, etc it's by far and away the simplest and most headache-free backup system I've ever used. But frankly, if your data is that sensitive, you shouldn't be storing it on a 3rd party server anyway.

As for losing access to your data, there is no centralized server - it's all P2P. BtSync could get hit by an asteroid tomorrow and I'll still be able to get to my data just fine. Sync is purely a synchronization protocol. All your data is in the native directories on the respective machines. Encryption is something you have to handle seperately. (BT is planing integrated encrpytion in future Sync releases but I'm not sure I would trust a closed source security system for any data)

Also, there is an OSS effort to reverse engineer the Sync protocol and to release an open source client. When that comes out, I'll probably switch over but in the meantime, Sync is a great way to keep files backed up.

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