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Comment Re:Good and bad (Score 1) 187

Netflix doesn't control the creation process though. The production companies are separate from Netflix and partner to do the shows. This is how shows for network TV are also done.

Look at what the production company of the amazing Stranger Things also did:

Netflix is the one with first dibs, we'll just have to see in a few years if they syndicate their shows. House of Cards was their first big original, and that's only been out of three and a half years.

Comment Re:Sporadic production (Score 1) 187

Yup, though it's probably going to be over a year before season two is out since it's been ten months so far and there hasn't been a release date announced. Daredevil got its second season after 11.5 months. We do get Luke Cage next week Friday, and Iron Fist and the Defenders shows next year.

With how many shows they are doing, it might end up like the movies and have releases every other year.

Comment Re:The console advantage. (Score 1) 86

That's no where near where this is going. You're right in that you just buy "Playstation" rather than a Playstation XYZ. But your new console will play all your older games and all newer games going forward for X number of years without needing a subscription. Sure if 2023 a game might come out that requires a 2017 or newer version of the hardware, but how if that different than the normal generational increases?

I find this much more attractive than the PS3/360 -> PS4/XBone shift. On the Microsoft side there is some backwards compatibility, but on Sony's side unless you keep a PS3 around, your digital collection and older games are no longer usable. On my PC I can fire up a 30 year old game and still play it on a system that will play all the latest games.

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