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Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 101

Exactly, I do this all the time in MS SQL to troubleshoot application bugs by creating a DEV copy to a specific point in time.

RESTORE DATABASE SomeDatabase_20170202
  FROM DISK = 'd:\Backups\SomeDatabase_20170202041500.BAK'
  MOVE 'Data' TO 'D:\SQL\SomeDatabase_20170202.mdf',
  MOVE 'Log' TO 'L:\Log\SomeDatabase_20170202.ldf';
RESTORE LOG SomeDatabase_20170202
  FROM DISK = 'd:\Backups\SomeDatabase_20170202050500.TRN'
  WITH NORECOVERY, STOPAT = '02/02/2017 4:48';

Now PiT recovery for some tables, while not overwriting other tables in the database. Or even across multiple database can make things get interesting really fast.

Comment Re:Speculators (Score 1) 146

Yes I have, the funds are normally in my account within an hour. It did take two days when I recently sold my house. But I don't get charged a fee for cashing them.

And Bitcoin is trying to be like handing someone digital cash. Do you remember the last time you sold something on Craig's list and got paid a $20 bill, but you had to wait three days before you could spend it?

Comment Re:Speculators (Score 1) 146

Volatility can hurt the exchange function. If you are just using it to transfer funds between two different currencies, having the value drop 10% in the space of time it takes for the transactions to clear is less than ideal.

Cheap enough is also questionable. If you want your transaction to not take days to clear, you are paying a higher fee than Visa or Mastercard charge.

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