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Comment 'Quality' research (Score 1) 97

Oh come on, the quality measure here is just ludicrous. China is certainly on the way up, but also leads in number of bad papers and circle jerks for paper cites . That's a common tactic in boiler room publish or perish science and not just in China. Anyone can get cited once or even twice; people often cite themselves just to drive their numbers up. If you read Nature this is a common subject, as is China's magnificent drive to game the numbers.

What matters are results, and here are some countries that have demonstrated more talent in AI than China has so far. In no particular order, and I've definitely missed some:
- UK
- Canada
- United States
- Israel
- Germany

Again, don't count them out in the long run - but right now, no.

Comment This goes back to at least 2001 (Score 2) 104

I know I've said it before, but customer complaints about the phantom accounts go back to at least 2001.

The big thing here is that we now have a certified letter from a high ranking Wells Fargo employee that the crooks in charge of the illegal program were notified as early as 2006.

Comment Oh god dammit - there go some great printers (Score 3, Insightful) 111

Samsung laser printers are cheap and just work. The ones at work (and the ones I have at home) just WORK, the only time they don't work is when they're out of paper. You can always print to them, and it's reliable.

On the other hand, the HP printers on the same work network are pieces of crap that get 'lost' all the time ('Printer is not online'), probably because of how terrible the HP drivers are. And those HP drivers nag you all the f@$ing time to install the rest of the HP bloatware.

So now they're going to slap their shitty drivers on the Samsungs and they'll be completely terrible too, and cartridge prices will skyrocket. There's no upside on this for consumers.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 260

They have been decreasing them instead. Because they figured TSA Pre would be a resounding success and everyone would be using that.

But they made it so annoying hardly anyone bothers - which is great when I just sail through, but sucks if you're in the other line, especially since they've effectively removed a lane for TSA Pre people.

Comment Too dumb for Target or Wendys? Get a job at TSA! (Score 5, Informative) 260

I know a guy who couldn't hold a job even at Target, Wendy's, corner gas station... Now he works for the TSA.

He's not making fat cash, but this is a guy who wasn't even capable of working at Target as a shelf stocker and now he's working at security checkpoints. If I thought the TSA actually did anything I'd be horrified.

And they're union (I don't think union is automatically bad, but government and union is the worst possible combo), so performance is a joke and he can't get fired short of doing something blatantly illegal (and maybe not even then). Luckily he's just dumb, not crooked, but there are plenty of low class criminals working for TSA. Sometimes they even get caught.

Comment Because that's when I've got the motivation (Score 2) 86

I do the chores when I'm in a good mood because that's when I've got the energy and motivation. Similarly, after a terrible day, forget it.

Also, your better than normal mood won't last even if you don't do anything with it - you'll return to equilibrium. I've tried! It's not sabotaging a good mood, it's making good use of it.

Comment If it just works, you don't learn much (Score 5, Insightful) 219

Most 20 somethings are really good at using their phones, but most have no idea how it works - nor should they have to. People keep calling them 'tech savvy' but it's really a bad phrase. They're highly effective app USERS. You do have those who are really brilliant and actually tech savvy and build their own devices from scratch, but they chose it, or it chose them.

On the other hand, if you grew up with Windows then you either developed some problem solving skills or you were completely baffled all the time - the learned helplessness people. Macs were only relatively better because they narrowed the amount of things that could go wrong by reducing your choices, but there was still plenty that could go wrong. In my office, for instance, you have highly nerdy types of all ages (19 to 62) who have no problem with dealing with anything. On the other hand, outside that group the device problem solving skills seem strongest in the 40 year olds.

So yes, we grew up with shitty tech and because of that when something goes wrong those who learned to deal with it go into problem solving mode instead of bafflement mode.

Getting off track here, but tech problem solvers are really easy to spot - step 1: try it again paying closer attention, step 2: check the options (or man), step 3: [search engine of your choice] it. That solves 99.9% of all issues, and anyone who's actually tech savvy knows those, so I can categorize people pretty fast that way.

Comment David Brin's old essay on this (Score 1) 359

I guess it's time to dig up SF Elder David Brin on this again - in 1999 he wrote an article on Star Wars's twisted setup where rulers are heriditary vs Star Trek's egalitarian approach.


Part of this is because Lucas stole a lot from the Japanese, and that's their thing - true heroes and leaders aren't made, they're born. But that doesn't excuse it.

Comment It's not the primary platform, it's gonna suffer (Score 1) 141

'Nobody' cares about gaming on Linux (statistically - I know a few companies do), so the drivers are always going to be lagging and the ports are mostly going to be half-hearted, and Vulkan won't fix that. Probably the biggest issue is a lack of something like Direct X to make things easy - being Linux, there are multiple competing standards for it.

It's why all my servers are Linux but the gaming machine is Windows. When I want to play a game, I just want it to work without messing with WINE configs or having to put up with stuttering and low frame rates. I tried!

Comment Health care people just don't care (Score 3, Informative) 111

I've worked a bit with the health industry (not as a career, thank god, that would be soul crushing), and outside of government health care has the worst IT and worst security I've ever seen. Because they just don't care unless it impacts their bottom line.

All those health apps that doctors and nurses uses, and all those devices? Yeah, they have terrible security because the hospitals don't make it a priority and they just don't care either. Class C medical devices that are PCs running windows XP with active USB ports? You bet.

Your online records? Those are handled by outsourced people running cobbled together Ruby scripts that take 30 hours to process 24 hours worth of data in plaintext csv (I use that because I've seen it)- they certainly don't care about security. Your insurance company? They certainly don't give a damn whether you live or die as long as they're raking in the cash.

All they care about is preserving the appearance of not violating HIPAA because that might cause them some grief.

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