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Comment Re:propaganda headline (Score 3, Interesting) 240

bridges that need to be widened to handle additional traffic are not "structurally deficient"

I'd say technically, that is EXACTLY what they are. Their structure is lacking the width to handle current traffic levels, therefore it's structurally deficient. What you probably mean is that a bridge that is labeled as "structurally deficient" doesn't necessarily mean unsafe, but a bridge that needs to be widened to handle traffic is most certainly structurally deficient.


Comment No labor shortage (Score 1) 477

There is *NO* labor shortage in IT. There is a perceived CHEAP labor shortage because corporations don't want to pay people what they are worth, while holding up countries like India as an example of what they think people should get paid.

If you want to pay people what they get paid in India, move your fucking company to India.

Comment Re:This was long overdue (Score 1) 115

...and is irrelevant to this discussion. I assume you are trying to make the point that just because something is not allowed doesn't mean people aren't going to do it. You're right, but so what? Ebay doesn't allow it because the risk of fraud is too high and they cannot control it. If you go around that rule and you get screwed, it's your own damn fault.

If you are buying from people on ebay that will not use paypal and insist on using western union, you should find another seller because you are probably going to get screwed.

Comment Re:Lessons re-learned (Score 1) 110

Actually, GP is correct and you are missing the point. If the software was open source, you, or Russia, or anyone could use it to make a CLONE. That STILL would not solve the issue of LinkedIn not storing the collected data in Russia. You cannot force a large corporation to move their ALREADY EXISTING data to another country simply by forking their open source software and making some changes.

The issue Russia seems to have is they want the DATA inside Russia, presumably because they want unfettered access to it. Open sourcing the software absolutely will not "solve" that for them.

Comment Re: Basic small-government argument. (Score 1) 357

So, your argument is that because nobody who is willing to risk safety would worry about getting a permit, we should just get rid of the permits? That's the stupidest thing I have heard today (so far).

I have no idea what CA's requirements are to obtain a permit, but I would presume that any company that is serious about SDC's should be able to get one with little difficulty. If they aren't, I most certainly wouldn't want to share the road with them. This is just Uber being a petulant child because they don't think they have to play by the same rules everyone else does, and I REALLY don't want to share the road with a company that can't be bothered to even get a damn permit. I mean if they don't want to follow that (presumably simple) rule, what other rules or laws are they going to break?

Comment Re: Basic small-government argument. (Score 2) 357

They make the roads safer by not allowing any idiot with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone and a tenuous grasp of engineering to run their own "self driving car". If you want to test an SDC on CA roads, you have to get a permit. Even if it doesn't demonstrably make the streets safer, it certainly reduces the RISK of something bad happening.

Comment Re:Such a bad idea (Score 2) 105

The last time I was in Germany, in the early 90s, the yellow-to-green thing was pretty annoying. If you were first at the light and you didn't start rolling when that light turned yellow, everyone would start honking at you. Didn't matter that you technically couldn't go until it turned green, that didn't stop the impatient ones from laying on the horn.

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