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Comment Re:I have this virtual image in my mind right now. (Score 2) 38

I imagined a little different. I imagined watching the Bloomberg Oculus Rift Business News Cable Channel. Complete with 40 live scrolling tickers, 10 simultaneous real-time stock market charts, 5 talking heads on the side incomprehensibly shouting over each other, 1 giant random talking head in the center saying something inane about company XYZ, and me getting a headache, a headache which was not induced by any system or motion lag.

Comment Re: It.. can't be true! (Score 1) 49

At least OR headset looks like it will be mostly platform agnostic. (Imagine if they make a compelling demo at E3 show using OR + upcoming Destiny game from Bungee on both PS4 and XBone. That's "shut up and take my money" territory right there.) So... Android games? Are there any good ones that rely on 3D acceleration? I'm assuming that would require doing native development for Android, which still looks like the wild, Wild West of game development.

Comment Re: It.. can't be true! (Score 1) 49

Right now all of these HMD products are all in prototype phase, with nothing actually available for sale yet. I do not dispute that Facebook/OR probably has the pole position right now, but they really need to release something this calendar year to keep that position. They also better have something impressive to show at E3.

Comment Re: copyright? (Score 1) 252

Copyright is a sideshow in this matter... It's the circumvention that's the main issue. If I installed a key logger on your PC, would you even care if I had obeyed copyright law in obtaining that software? Cheat software in a multiplayer context is no different than key logging malware, in that it has a deleterious effect on the people playing the game.

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