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Comment Re:Russia, DNC, and NATO (Score 1) 704

OK, I'll bite. Here fixed it badly. See how is sounds. The God Father Trump,

THE BUSINESS. They ask me about THE BUSINESS. Right? You saw that the other day, At the shop.

"Well, I hear you want to give up THE BUSINESS..." I don't want to give up THE BUSINESS. I like... THE BUSINESS's fine. But they gotta pay. They gotta pay.

So we have all of these guys, and they're not paying. They're not paying. And we're protecting them.

And the question is: "If such-and-such a guy were attacked, are you willing to start World War 3?" Because that's essentially what's happening. They don't pay.

They say, "Well, we have an understanding!" So they says: "Donald Trump wants to give up THE BUSINESS." No no no. I don't want to give up anything. I want them to pay.

We're a guy. It's not 40 years ago, 50 years ago. And now, most of you guys don't even know, that we're protecting The Corleones, The Tattaglia, we're protecting ! Nothing but money.

We're protecting The Cuneos. If we weren't around, The Cuneos, The Cuneos wouldn't be around for two weeks. We protect The Cuneos. They don't pay us what that should be paying. We're losing everything. Folks, we lose on everything.

We protect The Straccis. We have 28,000 soldiers on the line, against the maniac on the right. We have 28,000 soldiers against North Korea, separated. Pretty dangerous stuff, considering he's got a million-person army. Pretty dangerous stuff.

So we're doing all this, and yet they're paying us a fraction of what it is.

I saw it with The Corleones. And by the way, I think it's fine- but they've got to pay us. We don't have the money. They gotta pay us. And they will pay us if the right person asks. If the right person asks. They will. They will.

Do you have any idea the difference that makes for our guy if we get guys to take care of us the way they should.

We had a boss recently, because we've been doing this, and he said, "Mr. Trump doesn't understand that The Corleones is paying almost 50 percent of the cost of what we do for them." And I said, why not 100 percent? Why? Tell me why. Tell me why.

Folks, we're run by incompetent people and it's going to end. And it's going to end soon. Because people aren't taking it anymore.

Now, when I talk about we're going to protect The Corleones, which is great, now, you always have to be prepared to walk. And I said, according to these guys, they said, "Now what would happen if they didn't pay." I said, We have to walk."

Vinny said, "He wants to walk from The Corleones!" Now, see, what he did, he makes it impossible to negotiate. he's not a negotiator. he's a fool. he's a fool. No, he's a fool.

Because when you tell The Corleones- very smart people, great people, I have many friends there- but when you say you're not prepared to walk, you'll never walk? So he said, "How dare he say that! We will never walk!"

Then they're never going to pay us. We may have to walk! Folks, we may have to walk.

But- the same thing with The Barzinis. We're spending a fortune in The Barzinis. Same thing with The Cuneos. Let me tell you. The Cuneos? So we'll say this: "Folks, you gotta pay us. You gotta pay us. Sorry."

They're gonna say no. Bye-bye! Within two days, they're calling back, "Get back over here, we'll pay you whatever the hell you want."

OK? One hundred percent.

But when we have a fool- when we have a fool- an absolute fool like Vinny, saying, "we will never abandon, we will never leave"- they're not going to pay. And we don't have the money to take care of every cartel in the world.

We don't have the money. And the same thing with the THE BUSINESS cartels, and they'll pay and they'll all pay probably- and if they don't pay, you walk! And that's OK, too. That's the way it works, folks. That's the way it works.

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 704

Ultra conservative? I don't think that means what you think it means. The whole Left Right is a little weak on details. DT will pander to whoever he needs to to get in. You have to look at DT and ask, "What is important to DT?" Those are the things that will get pushed. The problem is DT has a poker face. We don't really know what maters to him beside the obvious.

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