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Comment Re:I hope it's not like Apple Music! (Score 1) 44

Apple Music also knows I'm an early 40s white guy and instead keeps telling me I should listen to prog rock, 80s pop, and the occasional "safe-for-old-people" new artist.

I suspect this will work out just as well. No, no.. don't watch Orphan Black or Dark Matter, you really should just be watching Seinfeld and Frasier reruns!

These dry music recs are making me thirsty -- for new black metal!

Comment Re:The Mobile Desktop (Score 1) 180

The device itself looks really sexy, no doubt about that.

Looking more at the specs though it really seems more like a mobile device with a giant screen bolted on. It has as mentioned a 2TB laptop drive (probably) but even worse to me, the GTX 980M instead of the GTX 1080... if I'm going to go with a desktop over a laptop I really could use that extra boost (nearly twice as much processing power).

Yes the 1080 card is damn large but so fast they should have built the base around it, the base could easily be a bit larger without compromising the design.

If the machine is an all-in-one desktop. it really doesn't matter how thick it is anyway. It takes up the same horizontal and vertical space on a desk whether it's 12mm thick or has a 6" box behind the screen. 99% of people are going to have it on a desk where it will have a foot and a half or more empty space behind it (mirroring the legroom under the furniture).

Comment The whole computer is 12.5mm thick. (Score 1) 180

Microsoft's first Surface-branded desktop PC now exists, and it is called the Surface Studio. The PC features a 28" display with 13.5 million pixels, which means the display is roughly 63 percent denser than a "4K" screen at 3840x2160 resolution. That screen is also an astonishing 12.5mm thick.

When I hear "desktop" I think a CPU chassis separate from a monitor. So to say the screen is 12.5mm thick isn't very impressive in a world of sub-1cm thick smartphones. The summary should convey this is an all-in-one machine instead of a "plain" desktop, so that thickness is for the display and the PC hardware mounted behind it as well.

Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 1) 121

Just throwing out ideas, but maybe the infrastructure is so shitty it can't maintain a steady connection long enough to watch a full program streamed.
"Time shifting" ability might refer to download now/watch later really. In which case the content is already cached in its entirety and even with no service at all you can watch the program.

Comment Re:Social engineering (Score 1) 105

Attackers get the service people on the phone, and spin a believable story about just why they don't know the answer to the security question, or have lost their PIN, but it's really important that they get this changed. They pull the support worker onto their side, partners against the evil bureaucracy. The support worker feels good, for helping someone out of a tight spot.

Pfft! More like "support worker helps the customer out because the customer is getting angry and he doesn't want a supervisor call". It's amazing how stupid users are all-for improved security until they "lose their key" and then blame the company for "not being helpful" when the protections work designed against them.

Comment No shit -- you have to buy all the OTHER stuff. (Score 1) 200

A key problem seemed to be that Rittman's kettle didn't come with software that would easily allow integration with other devices in his home...

He was expecting interchangeability with third-party devices? Lock-in and proprietary communications is what the IoT is all about!

Comment Re:Samsung Explode-o-Matic washer link (Score 1) 251

I am more concerned with my exploding toploading washer

Have you tried putting a Galaxy 7 inside your washer ?

No, silly, he's talking about their exploding washer line. If the load is heavy enough, and the washer agitates just enough, the power circuit board shorts out and blows up.

Maybe he thought the two explosions would cancel each other out.

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