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Comment Re:Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

But I am confused about why people care if the account is open. If they are no longer using the account, and it contains no personal information, then it is just a spam sink, wasting space on Yahoo's disk farm, but otherwise doing nothing and harming no one.

This particular user in the story doesn't care, but others will (where they do want the account to die, so it cannot be abused/accessed through future inevitable breaches). Knowing that someone else has successfully done so is valuable to know, more valuable then Yahoo's stock!

Comment Re:Podcasts are annoying, please give me a blog (Score 2) 268

Podcats are too annoying, I have to listen to them at the speed of whomever is talking.

So speed it up. There's plenty of podcast app that do a good job of speeding up the playback, even cutting down on the silence within the podcast. For most podcasts I don't even notice the speedup in people's voices/speech (the app I use usually does a variable speedup to about 1.4x speed.)

Comment Re:Non-answers (Score 5, Insightful) 477

.... but, what I would do is just ignore, as others have already stated.

If I ran a list/forum, I would specifically state in the Terms that 'newbie' questions should be expected, and any condescending responses would result in immediate suspension. If users don't have anything helpful to respond with, they shouldn't bother responding.

Comment Non-answers (Score 1) 477

"Why would you want to do that in the first place?"

Non-answers are the worst!

I at least try to offer something else as an alternative in a polite manner, after I try to answer the actual question (or state that I don't actually have an answer, but the alternative might hopefully provide something useful).

Comment Re:Is THAT really "pure evil"? (Score 1) 168

patent trolls are "the best evidence that pure evil exists."

Not to deny that abuse of the patent-system is wrong, but things like murdering a girl after raping her seem evil of considerably higher purity.

You're right. The fact that Wall Street execs have ruined the lives of millions and gotten away scot-free (and in fact, have gotten better off by getting 'bailed out') is better proof that "pure evil exists".

Comment And still the 1% problem (Score 1) 146

While bitcoin is changing the landscape, I still think it suffers from the same problem that 'normal' currency has, in that the richest 1% control nearly all the currency, only this time that 1 percent are the techies/geeks.

Only time will tell if they'll also fall prey to human nature (ie. greed, and hoard it all to themselves). Here's hoping that won't happen.

Comment Re:I don't see why they would change (Score 3, Insightful) 268

Time. If they start giving some companies special attention, then everyone else will start demanding that, too. If, on the other hand, they stick to the "We give you one chance and that's that" they can actually get a lot more work done.

Not to mention credibility.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 1) 406

I'd pick free sodas over 1K per year. I drink a lot of diet coke, and I don't want to have to remember to buy a 6 pack ever morning. Even if I come up slightly behind in dollars the convenience factor is more than worth it.

Plus, you don't get taxed on that extra $1K. Neither does the company, since it's an expense on their side.

Oh shit! Now the IRS is gonna come after us for not paying those taxes, even though Wall Street owes way more than we do! RUN!

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