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Comment Re:Astroturfing Trolls (Score 0) 906

No, Donald Trump was elected BECAUSE the left does nothing but attempt to maintain the many lies of their ideology. They don't give a fuck about anyonem, and they certainly don't give a fuck about white people. The entire religion of leftism is virtue signalling. Nothing more.

Comment White Leftists Whine, China Creates Superhumans (Score -1, Flamebait) 159

All we hear about is equality, equality, equality while every single day we learn more and more how humans are in fact not equal, that intelligence is almost entirely genetic, and that the only way to create the liberal utopia is via genetic engineering. White people in the west will keep on whining, staging protests, reliving the 1960s, and angrily championing the "rights" of transgender freaks.

Meanwhile China and the Beijing Genomics Institute will be employing this technology nationally, thereby raising a race of superhumans.

In time, the angry white leftist will be a historical, extinct anomaly.

Comment Re:Trump scare maybe (Score 2, Insightful) 217

This has nothing directly to do with Trump. The world is forcing the US to transition to a UN mediated fixed exchange rate system with a supranational reserve currency that will function like Keynes' Bancor. The USD will drop in value, which will make imports much more expensive (probably around 20%, which is greater than most profit margins).

To the extent Trump is a part of this, it is because Congress has for 10 years dragged their feet to enact appropriate measures, and there will likely be a great deal of pain in the short term. Trump both distracts the populace from this huge problem, particularly with stupid shit like Devos. I mean, look at yourself. The Department of Education shouldn't even exist. Education has only gotten worse since it was created, in my lifetime and I'm not old. Sure, she's a stupid choice and her nonsense about school vouchers couldn't be more ridiculous. But, at the end of the day, education is a local matter and what she believes or desires is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 503

You're really not telling the story so accurately. Windows 95 received plenty of heat. There are countless posts on this site comparing XP to something a child would draw with crayola crayons. Vista was a huge change over XP in many, many ways. Much more so than XP over NT 4.0 or even 3.51. The problem with Vista is the hardware requirements were very steep.

Windows 7, 8, and 10 are effectively slightly improved versions of Vista. Windows 7 is barely distinguishable from Vista.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 297

Inflation is too low.

Inflation is good for the economy because it reduces the relative percentage of the GDP that must be devoted to debt service. Deflation is bad because it means those who have money get rich and those who don't, don't get rich.

What people like yourself don't understand is that the vast majority of money that exists in bank deposit accounts was not created by the government. It was created by banks, with debts credited as assets on the bank's balance sheet. All of that money that was created all came with a future interest obligation.

Quite simply, if you do not inflation not only do people get poorer, but everyone defaults on their debts.

One need not look very far and see that is exactly what happened during the Great Depression.

The government always controls the money supply. It does this by adjudicating debts only in the currency that it has the sole legal right to create and regulate. It does this by levying taxes. And, in a more complex system impossible for libertardians to understand, sovereign governments coordinate with one another to adjust exchange rates for mutually beneficial ends.

Quite frankly, you are very confused about banking, about money, about interest rates, and pretty economics in general. You quote a lot of shit. But, it's all shit.

Comment Re:I'm highly skeptical (Score 3, Funny) 244

The purpose of the Trump presidency is to oversee the end of USD Hegemony and the transition to a UN mediated reserve currency for foreign exchange.

The USD has been artificially strong since the Nixon Shock, the reasons of which are significant but not relevant to my point. This was a political move, at that time. The goals of USD imperialism have been achieved, and the imbalances caused by this system (see the the Triffin Paradox) mean it is in everyone's interest to move to this system.

An immediate consequence is the "lower cost" countries will no longer be so much lower as the USD falls in value and other country's currencies rise.

The same is true for imported goods. Many sneer at Trump's proposal to bring manufacturing back. Automation definitely means this won't be a huge solution to unemployment, but it's necessary. Cheap goods from China will no longer be affordable for the lower classes. Even if all new factories were entirely automated, we would still need to build them.

Comment Re: Fuck you (Score 1) 470

Hahaha. You mean, bring over some bondage gear? Yes, your leather cladded freaks will instill such fear! Hail Sodomy!

Yes, all you Germans are fat, perverted freaks and a threat to no one. No one is afraid of you. That's why your country is overrun, and they rape your women like animals! You're all cowardly, sick fucks!

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