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Comment Cartridges (Score 2) 81

So from what I get from this is that some third party cartridges actually use HP chips (presumably from reels of chips sold to a re-manufacturer of cartridges so HP can track down the re-manufacturer/batch if Joe has a printing quality problem, or whatever) and some just clone whatever chip they found first (I'm picturing thousands of printers all reporting that they have cartridge with SN#2477751135432 installed and it amuses me).

I've seen some pretty convincing fake cartridges in my time that hold themselves out to be genuine, brand new in box units. That said, the firmware had previously said "This cartridge has been previously used or is non-genuine" upon insertion and you could click okay to continue.

I haven't read specifically whether self-refilled, store-refilled or store-bought third-party cartridges were affected, or whether this was just for cartridges bought from the usual suspects (some ebay sellers, amazon vendors, ali*, etc). Working in a big box store, though, I haven't yet had customers complain about it, though, so with my tiny sample size, I'm going to theorize that is the case.

Comment Re:"drivers?" (Score 1) 451

The pictograms in the morality assessment were a bit odd, considering most cars can survive a head-on collision with a concrete wall. Also, younger adults are more easily repairable and more resilient physically than older adults. I understand that's not the point of the morality assessment, but you can't just ignore those variables. What kind of speeds are the cars traveling in an urban setting that they can't stop in that amount of time? Are we abandoning "pedestrian airbags"? Are passenger airbags a thing of the past as well?

Submission + - 3 Days to go for Star Trek Renegades Funding (

Shadyman writes: From the link: "The countdown for Star Trek Renegades Continues through Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday. We've reached $310,000, which is 88% of the goal with 3 Days to go. Help us bring this project over the finish line."

This Kickstarter will fund Epsiodes 2 and 3 of the fan-funded true-to-canon Star Trek series. The project needs $350,000 to be funded.

I don't want to advertise/spam up Slashdot, but I'm sure a canonical Trek is relevant to Slashdot's collective interest, and has been previously featured on this site.

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