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Comment Re:i call bullshit (Score 1) 125

Oh, I hear you. I'm getting an engineering degree, and it's fucking worthless. The best I can hope for is to make a decent living while contributing to the fortunes of people whose life has been and will always be much better than mine.

Essentially, there are three tiers of skills in our present world. The gold tier is entrepreneurship. The people who have it become rich and rule the world. The silver tier is money-twiddling. These people may not be gold, but they are close enough to money that they get rich as well. Then you have nothing, and twenty levels down you have the shit tier, where all the other skills are. We techies can at best aspire to be kings of beggars.

Comment Misogynist analogy (Score 3, Funny) 372

Basically, it's like marrying a gorgeous woman. She looks really hot, but you can never just let your lust run wild, because she thinks too highly of herself. Every instance of intercourse must be bargained for, and you're lucky to get it once a week; and when you do, she just lies there like a dead tuna. Soon, you begin to question whether it was worth spending so much money and effort on her.

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