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Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

First of all, there's actually no such data regarding checkout. The data is regarding ease of browsing and ease of GETTING to the checkout.

As I clearly stated, it's not just Sweden. In fact, most of the world has introduced more secure but slightly more inconvenient payment methods. In fact, VISA, which you mention, is one of the developers of, and proponents of these methods, since they are more secure.

Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

1: All banks in Sweden, and many banks in europe have this as part of basic services. Others use SMS as part of the authentication chain. The SMS checksums are common in south america too. The US and Canada really do stand out in these sloppy security practices.

2: Yes, it clearly is. Due to the way the US system is setup, Blizzard, Steam etc are all serious credit card exposure risks, to the degree that I use one-time CC numbers for purchases through them.However, with the systems used here in europe, that risk is massively reduced. So, US banks choose to expose their customers to unnecessary CC fraud risk.

3: If 20-30 seconds extra time to give you massively increased security is such an inconvenience, measures like these would not have become so popular in europe, south america and asia. Hell, banks should love it because it'd reduce charge-back fraud too.

Comment Re:Half a century late (Score 2) 25

No, that's not what the Nobel price was about. It was a recognition reward, not an equivalent of a sponsorship or a grant, for discoveries in certain fields, as outlined by his will, that contributed the most to mankind(yes, that is SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the will that laid out the rules that govern the foundation). At the same time, the people involved in science have increased a couple of orders of magnitude. Also, some discoveries take decades to understand the exact worth. So you get awards like this.

Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

To answer each in turn:
1: The devices are part of standard account package.
2: The inconvenience of the sloppy security of US bank practices is greater
3: The card reader is not connected to the PC when doing any of the things I mentioned. Only if you choose to use any cert-based method do you need to plug it in, and that's entirely optional.

Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 2) 222

Chip and Pin works online too, if the banks and vendors use proper systems. Let's just say Steam, Blizzard and other US vendors don't support it...

I'm in Sweden, and my bank has issued a small, hand-held device with various features, either login for the bank, signing payment order, or payment order. I make an order at a site and initiate the checkout procedure. Vendor site or my bank presents me with a string of numbers. I insert my card into the device, select the appropriate option, enter the number string into the device, hit ok, enter my PIN, then I get a control code in return, which I enter into the vendor site to confirm the payment.

Comment Re:Commodore engineers (Score 3, Informative) 290

Not just Irving Gould. Ali Mehdi was just as greedy personally, and penny-pinching in running the company. When engineers proposed the A3000 with a 68030, he personally called them up to ask whether the 68030 was truly necessary, if there weren't cheaper components that could be used

Comment Re:Taxation (Score 1) 302

Ireland has signed various treaties that make them part of the EU, including economical/financial treaties. And these treaties are at least 20 years old, so they are not Ex Post Facto changes. What the verdict actually means is a stricter enforcement of already-existing treaties and laws, which deals between Irish politicians and Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet etc have contravened.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 4, Informative) 302

They didn't change the rules afterwards. Irish politicians and corps like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet etc made deals that were in contravention of existing EU treaties and laws. This trial, that has taken years to come to this verdict, goes back to strict enforcement of old treaties and laws

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 4, Informative) 302

Except that it's not ex post facto. It's a step towards stricter enforcement, and that's why Ireland is also being spanked pretty hard right now, because the deals they made were in contravention of existing EU legal frameworks and treaties, and were as such illegal and thus invalid. It's enforcement of the actual law, not of an illegal and underhanded deal between irish politicians and various megacorps such as Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and a whole crapton of others.

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