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Comment Re:Nice technical solution (Score 1) 67

Maybe. From what I've read, the combination of GPU compute instructions and a shared memory space means there's benefits to assembly level optimization. There may be APIs and you may be able to write your compute shader code in C, but it's still basically bare metal. A different shader architecture is going to be different. Also, while it might no longer make sense to optimize if you're writing a single game, the vendors of Havok and UE4 and so forth do have an incentive to make their products better by writing low level bypasses for the API when it's too slow.

Comment Re:Nice Try (Score 2, Insightful) 67

So I take it you don't own either console, since Microsoft has done a long list of dick things that make the rootkit scandal appear minor. So you own a gaming PC? Do you know how many dick things AMD and Nvidia have done that you should be holding against them for the rest of their lives as companies?

Frankly, I'm surprised you have a computer at all. If you are going to be consistent and boycott every consumer good sold by a company that did an ultra-dick thing at one point in it's history, you should be naked and huddled under some newspapers right now. Oh, wait, I bet the paper company that made them did some bad things.

Comment Nice technical solution (Score 1) 67

Other articles on this were speculating that the PS4 pro used the same GPU as the AMD RX 480. That's a ~5.8 terraflop GPU, and they were assuming that Sony was clocking it down to save on power supply requirements, fan noise, and cooler size requirements.

That's NOT what they did. The RX 480 uses a new architecture and wouldn't be instruction compatible. Games that use a higher level API would work but I suspect the highest performance PS4 games are bare metal optimized. Doubling the GPU means they get less performance but their older games Just Work.

I don't think this is what Microsoft is doing. Their numbers suggest they just grabbed the RX 480 and crammed it into a SOC. (it's a low transistor GPU for it's performance class, making it possible to fit the x86 CPU cores on the same die) That means their older games that are bare metal optimized will NOT work exactly the same.

So they are offering a bigger hardware spec this time but less games will work without issues with the "new" console.

Honestly, owning neither console myself, I think Sony's solution is going to work better with less problems.

Comment Re:non-news is non-news (Score 1) 155

Since 2003, there's been a market need for enormously more speed. That's the market advantage that flash drives have at all over HDDs, given that flash is still ~10x as expensive, so every feasible trick to boost speed is used. Sandforce alone is an engineering firm with dozens of engineers. I also have done flash access for my day job and I also did it a simple way, but I had different design requirements and accessing slowly in series was still blazing fast.

Comment Re:Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 1) 90

Admittedly, it does have slow points. Luke Cage is also sort of a shout-out to black culture. There's an awful lot that went over my head but you can see it in the commentary. It was also fun to watch as a white person because whenever the characters have a dialogue line, it's set all the way to "superblack". Anything they say, it's the blackest possible way to say it. Me and a friend enjoyed making fun of this. Also, white people in the show are treated very differently. They are usually either crazy, stupid, or both (Shades, the partner of the detective, etc). The role reversal was amusing.

And several major black rappers made custom songs just for the show.

Comment Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 5, Insightful) 90

I subscribed to Netflix just to watch Luke Cage the moment it released instead of having to wait to pirate it. It was awesome. Stranger Things was awesome.

To be quite frank, while Netflix does have more misses than hits as far as original content, the hits they DO have are incredible. Directly comparable in entertainment value to a decent HBO show. (which is no surprise if they spent about as much money as HBO spends and they have about as talented a crew. Yes, Game of Thrones is still better than anything Netflix has, but GoT is arguably the biggest and flashiest television show in the world.)

Anyways, this is great news. Nothing to whine about. Netflix is a far better concept than ad supported TV. You can watch anything they have whenever you want. You pay a very paltry amount of money (9 bucks a month!) and get access to it all. No intrusive ads. The content is racier and more violent at times than anything advertisers would be comfortable with, or the moralizers who police broadcast TV would allow. They do lots of original ideas instead of rehashing the same cop/lawyer/doctor/reality shows that conventional network TV is rife with.

For nerds, Netflix is a representative of a golden age of content. This is what we all wanted on slashdot 15 years ago.

Comment Re:Economic malthusianism (Score 1) 883

Isn't the number of employed adults falling right now in the USA? Do you not think that the recent breakthroughs in AI will allow for genuinely intelligent systems that can perform at least limited domain tasks?

I kind of think both are true. I'm not convinced that UBI is the solution, either, because it's "pay people to do nothing". "pay people to do make-work" seems like a more palatable solution to me personally, or "pay people more than they are worth to do a mix of legitimate and make-work" an even better solution.

Comment Re:Question about U.B.I. (Score 1) 883

I asked about this on the UBI subreddit group. While I got some uber liberal bs responses, I also heard of a simple semi-fix. UBI only goes to adults, so any adults on the dole who choose to have kids would be reducing their personal spending money. I'd assume that UBI programs would also include a form of socialized medicine (you kind of have to, nobody can afford normal health insurance) that would presumably include basically off the shelf free contraceptives. That is, it would work like in some places in Europe, where there's drug stores subsidized by the government. You'd go in, swipe your ID card, and there would probably be like a $10 copay for most drugs and the contraceptives would have no copay for 1 months dose per month or something.

Comment Re:Really quite simple: fraud, 19,000 times in 10 (Score 2) 209

If the order system let him make the offer, and didn't enforce it by making him pay for it, how is it fraud? Why didn't the trading system just ban his account the first time or first day he did this? Why does the ability to cancel a trade exist at all? Shouldn't the trading process be :

1. Wire the money or at least electronically commit the funds in a brokerage account to the trade
2. Send the buy or sell order once the money to support the trade is there
3. Transfer the stock between brokerage accounts at the clearing price.

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