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Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 643

The Republican weaponization of Clinton's misdeed was to claim that this behaviour made Bill unfit to govern.

Jeesh! Are Democrats STILL spreading that lie!?

The "weaponization" was about Bill Clinton LYING under oath about this example of sexual harassment in a court case about a previous example of sexual harassment. He lost his law license and paid a $600,000 fine for his infraction (if I'm remembering correctly).

Comment Re:Society certainly hasn't evolved past greed (Score 1) 214

Oh really? Number of open jobs requiring Computer Science degrees: 500,000. Number of yearly CS graduates: 50,000. That's a factor of 10:1 in one industry.

A degree doesn't expire every year, you know. There are people who got a degree over the last few years still looking for jobs. There are people who have been "aged out" still looking. All your number says is that we can't cover the current set of openings with just new graduates from this single year.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 85

But, wouldn't those same pressures and temperatures be involved in a volcanic eruption? "We came here from another world" sounds more like an episode from Enterprise:TNG than a valid scientific theory. There is no practical implication, and no possible way to test it until we can get to other planets and find some samples that haven't been corrupted by being on this planet.

Comment Re:remote hands on (Score 2) 141

We had someone accidentally turn off the AC in our datacenter for a day. (Please! Don't ask how this could ever be allowed to happen!!) Six months later, we had one hard drive after another needing replacement. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, except that the veteran admin I was working with predicted at the time of the cooling outage that it would happen, and then reminded us all of it when the drives started dying.

The cooling system is there because temp rated components are EXPENSIVE!!

Comment Re:Untrue (Score 1) 64

Simple logic would tell you that she is lying.

How can the get any idea of what your household is like, unless they collect the data? You can't.

How would you determine algorithmically which data is "general" and which data is "specific"? It isn't possible, because there is no acceptable line between general and specific data.

Ipso facto, they're collecting ALL the data, and her statement is absurd.

Comment Re:too bad its not precedential (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Maybe not a 'legal' precedent, but most certainly a 'social' precedent.

It tells everyone that the trolls can be taken down. Notice how the trolls are backing off of Newegg. The trolls know Newegg will fight back. The trolls know that Newegg will take out their best moneymakers. Better to go pick on somebody that won't put up a fight. Well, when the rest of the playground sees that the bully will back down if you punch him in the nose, the bully's control is greatly curtailed.

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