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Comment small platform ? (Score 1) 331

A 60" flat screen from 10 feet away is not that small.. and they are relatively cheap. I've got a 100" projection screen in the basement that only runs 720p but still looks pretty damn good. The popcorn is way cheaper.

I rarely go to the theater any more and when I do I tend to go empty ones.... matinees or movies that have been out for a while. When I saw The BFG in 3D a few weeks ago we were the only people in the theater. As for 3D filling up theaters, IMO, 3D is quickly forgotten after the first 10 minutes. Its fun but it's not required.

Comment Re:Standalone Has No Competition (Score 1) 50

The killer VR app, for the next few years at least, is going to be porn and other video. A $200 dollar phone will be able to pull this off with ease. Google has realized this and the next gen of VR capable android phones should provide a more than adequate experience.. Casual games should also be no problem. A fully realized, computer rendered VR experience that does not make one sick is still a ways off as a far as I can tell.

I for one am more interested in AR and am waiting to sea what Magic Leap ships. I think that high-end, complete isolation systems will mostly be relegated to amusement parks and theaters. They are impractical and even dangerous (think parents with toddlers...) for frequent home use.

Comment Subscribing is somewhat of a downgrade. (Score 1) 45

Yes you get commercial free streaming and access to a ton of music you don't care about, but you also lose "Instant Mix" which is arguably Google Play Music's best feature. Instant Mix creates a mix from your own music collection whereas Start Radio will play from Google's entire library. You might think you want the latter but I can almost guarantee you will miss the former if you have any investment in your own collection. You will then have to wait months for your subscription to expire (even if you cancel it right away) before the feature will return.

I've been down this road a few times...

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