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Comment Re:sorry my phone is off (Score 1) 400

if the iPhone reboots, the key code must be entered as touchID does not work. Passwords are still protected by the 4th amendment in the US, right?

Beautiful! The perfect reaction to hearing of any such dragnet-style announcement should be to power-down you iPhone.

Alternatively, download your local ACLU's App. "CA Justice", for example, will record everything. If anyone attempts to operate the phone, it will automatically upload the collected A/V to an ACLU server, and provide you with a reference # in case you need to find it later. As in, "Officer, I do not give you permission to operate my phone. If you do, it will automatically upload our entire conversation to an ACLU server...", which is out of my or your control, and cannot be erased. Then, the first chance that you get, you either power it down, or if they confiscate it, use iCloud's "I lost my iPhone" to nuke it remotely.

Or just keep some sandpaper handy at all times...

Comment Re:The intellectual category of games (Score 2) 24

that fell out of favor, replaced by gore and instant satisfaction from killing people, collecting loot, etc.


But there was, way back then, always Hack (or net-Hack, or any of the hundreds of variants). Pre-scripted or Random dungeons, loot, skill points, and all of that other stuff that kids these days can only handle if it's wrapped in a graphical environment with PHENOMENAL water ripples and shadows.

They are still the same game genre. WoW just made it graphically impressive but tedious to play through.

* I can't count how many times I killed Werdna. Made speed-runs as a challenge.

Comment Re:Um, out of context and incomplete (Score 1) 394

Trump said that in the context of explaining how solid his support was with his followers - and he ALSO said in another speech that the same was true for Hillary.

Does ANYBODY doubt that both are true and that the firm Hillary-types will stay with her no matter what and the hard Donald-types will stick with him no matter what?

The guy was simply making honest statements about the state of our current politics and the successes for both Donald and Hillary in establishing very dedicated support with sizeable portions of their bases.

Bold is my emphasis.

Your reply is, quite sadly, true.

Note that I did not offer support for one candidate or the other, but simply stated a relevant fact. I hadn't heard that he made the same statement about Hillary—do you have a source? If you do, I will cry because the statements are indeed pretty much true.

Comment How is that news? (Score 1) 394

FTA (summary): Clinton came under fire for months for not releasing full details of her paid speeches...

Well, duh. People paid to hear the speeches – and their content. Why would she later release the content to all "for FREE"?

Any regular speaker, especially a paid one, recycles content from one private speech to the next.

Comment Clumsy Response from Evernote (Score 2) 31

Evernote is advising those users who are missing attachments to use Evernote's note history feature in Evernote Premium to try to recover the missing data.


You want these people to buy a more expensive edition of your software – as the solution for your main product failing?


Comment Re:Two-minute warning (Score 1) 756

How do Trump supporters arrive at the "might stand up to wall street" conclusion for a clear member of the oligarch class whose tax plan clearly favors the affluent as opposed to Clinton who has at least furnished one that seems to favor the middle class?

Please, tell me, how on earth to arrive do you arrive at the conclusion that some one like him will favor the middle class over the affluent? There's certainly nothing in the few actual policy proposals he's floated that suggests that.

Yep. The oligarch is going to save the proles.

Yup. Yes. Yes-sirree. He's a populist all right. . . just like Adolph was.

Comment Re:That is going to leave a mark (Score 0) 126

On the flip side, Apple really appreciates that they decided to torch their sales (literally) right as the iPhone 7 was coming out. Glad Samsung decided to join team Apple. :)

30-year Apple fan-boi here. . .

I will never purchase a smartphone (or iPod) that lacks an analog audio output port.

It's worked fine for 118 years. Don't fix what's not broken!!!

Comment Refunds? (Score 1) 126

I have not seen a single thing about refunds. REFUNDS.

It's either trade-in your. . . OOPS, not allowed to do that now.

Or it's. . . what? sit on your $100's device, wondering if they will ever issue refunds, and be without a smartphone? Or let it be a brick, and drop $100's more on a competing smartphone?

This "all sales and replacements stop" is really putting the pinch on the consumers. Many save up for months before buying a new smartphone. It is a really dick move by Samsung to their actual customers – purchasers of their products. Their Board of directors would have no profits to maximize if no consumers bought their products.

Comment Re:Self hosted (Score 1) 205

Only costs me $5/month for the static IP from my ISP to run, plus any time it takes when there are issues, which have been vanishingly rare, and the recycled hardware that it runs on from upgrading my main rig. Well worth it to me.

$5/month for a static IP? Surely you must be joking. The going rate is in the hundreds of dollars per month.

Or maybe you're on dial-up or DSL, rather than fiber.

Comment Non-news and Not Science (Score 1) 37

Most adults have responsibilities for things like a family, a mortgage, and a full-time job. Hence, their brains adapt to each adult's chosen setting and responsibility-load. Teenagers don't.

The article mentions nothing of controlling for external factors such as this.

Adults who are free of burdensome monthly worries are the best creatives. And the best scientists. And so on.

Last, the study simply showed a correlation when they compared apples to oranges. Correlation =/= Causation.

Comment Re:OMFH!!! (Score 1) 294

...exactly the the reason patents exist

No. That is not at all why patents exist. The reason patents exist is right there in the law. To promote open disclosure of how an invention works.

Yes. And if your Patent "Fails to Teach" – that is, if no expert in the art (field) can duplicate your invention using your description – your patent can be ruled invalid.

Comment Re:False advertising regardless (Score 1) 111

a sapphire/glass composite is not a sapphire. if they've only got a thousandth or less, the soft substrate will dominate the test.

Not a composite – a laminate structure.

You are right that a scratch test on a thin laminate layer would be complicated by the elastic compliance of the substrate (glass).

How thick is the sapphire laminate layer? And more importantly, what size and geometry of tip did the experimenter use when conducting the test? Was it much larger than the laminate layer? If so, the results are invalid.

Comment Re:Just a hunch (Score 1) 111

I don't think optics would be the problem: It's impact resistance. While it's great for scratches & abrasions, sapphire is easy to shatter & crack.

When you have a lens that sticks out of the phone, impact resistance is probably something to consider.

When I moved from an iPhone 4 (which had lens-scratching problems), to an iPhone 6, the first thing I checked out was the camera lens. The lens is recessed within its metal mount by about 0.3 mm. This is obviously to protect the lens surface from abrasions, such as when an iPhone is slid across a table.

Try it yourself. You can feel the recess with your fingernail.

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