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Comment Re:Only applicable in urban hipster neighborhoods (Score 1) 274

Ironic mustache and goatee Swift developer and his marketing liaison coordinator wife arrive home from another 12-hour shift at the unicorn startups they work at. Rather than call an Uber to take them to the trendy new Ethiopian-Thai fusion place again, or hang out with the LUDDITES at the grocery store, Blue Apron has a box delivered to their front door with meals in it! It's brilliant! Everyone will love it! Give us $100 million!!!

You just won the Internets!

Comment Re:Humans Need Not Apply (Score 1) 367


The idea that technology will find new things for everyone to do is insane...

We will need a new economic model...

Right, whereby humanity can evolve and share in the bounty of automation and robotics, so that people can live healthy and fulfilling lives free of the drudgery of "work".

Good luck with that...

Comment Re:Witty comment here... (Score 1) 146

The honorable thing for the ShadowBrokers to do, would be to make this freely and openly available for all.

But the fact that they are offering this as an auction, shows us that the ShadowBrokers are just in it for the money.

Not so fast...
Once Shepard and Liara had killed the few operatives aware of the Broker's true identity, Liara will take over without anyone else in the organization suspecting a transition. Liara is well aware of the power at her disposal, as she could use the information network to start a war in ten minutes if she wanted to, but she vows to not abuse her position and to help Shepard find a way to combat the Reapers.

Comment Re:And when do they start training their replaceme (Score 1) 239

I would have to agree.
It really doesn't matter how hard the US tries to educate its up and coming workers, or existing workers.
The decision will continue to be made by management to off shore those jobs.

People today who want a long term career today need to look at things that can't be off shored like health care, the building trades, etc;

Comment Re:The Tyranny of Specificity (Score 1) 399

This study is just a rip-off of earlier research into human psychology--specifically, of all previous research into human psychology--which has proven pretty conclusively that nothing anyone says has ever changed anyone's mind about anything ever.

Unless of course, spoken by Saruman.

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