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Comment Re:4-Megapixel Lens? (Score 1) 31

A lens passes light, in some sense it is a filter. The filter passes through information. Typically a lens is qualified in either lines-per-inch of megapixel. How can you check this out yourself? Just make a photo of a subject far away and tell if you can make a distinction between one row of pixels and the adjacent row. Typically the light blends because your sensor is better than the lens. unless you have some very nice (read: $$$) prime lens.

But in another subject. Why is this really news? The Elphel Eyesis 4pi designs are online for 5 years. http://wiki.elphel.com/index.p...

Comment Re:free as in libre not as in beer (Score 4, Insightful) 268

Also important:
4. It should work, and not annoy me to figure out why and how it is broken.

For any competent user that is able to use a debugger the ability to actually figure out what is broken, and save significant amount of time doing so, is something that doesn't work for closed source software. Close source embraces a philosophy that any outsider is not competent and the product is pure magic. The fact that no public bugtrackers exists for close source software magnifies the root cause.

Comment Re:Postgresql (Score 1) 314

So people like to put expensive DBs on expensive servers?

Anyway, I have no idea what that web site is trying to say. I can't find a single mention of Postgres anywhere. It's all MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and some databases I've never heard of. Does the benchmarking software only run on those databases or something?

Check out the why: https://wiki.postgresql.org/wi... The entire industry including some open source databases target this benchmark. Obviously you don't have to play ball, but others are doing.

Splitting a query into parallel chunks only helps when your database server is idle, you know.

Many applications do not have many clients at the same time, but require peak performance. An example is GIS applications, the more obvious is crunching data for visualisation.

It sounds to me that your needs are different than what the rest of us expect from a database. Data warehousing perhaps?

We are talking about software that can handle hundreds of gigabytes of data. But the parent suggest PostgreSQL as example for the diversity SQL Server has to offer. If some article on PostgreSQL is written and someone replies SQLite does all that... what will your reply be?

Comment Re:Postgresql (Score 1) 314

Most database products (even open source ones) compete very well against PostgreSQL because the support of parallel query execution has been supported for years. PostgreSQL has only recently added some features in the direction. And we are not talking about N clients to 1 server, but 1 server with 1 query where only 1 CPU is used in the PostgreSQL case, and others automatically spread the workload.

Some other tricks from SQLserver are obviously the integration services (Extract-Transform-Load) and Analysis Services. Again you could use open source third party product such as Talend et al. Now I am aware these kind of smart clients should be seen as tooling on top of a database itself. But as long as those tools work very closely with one database... it basically prevents you from using anything else unless you want to integrate your own solution.

PostgreSQL has such amount of features, that as data integration toolkit it is great. But for performance I would not use a vanilla instance... since even tuning and automatically indexing is not something that the database does for you. And BTW... for performance look in this list. http://www.tpc.org/tpch/result...

Comment Blackout them (Score 2) 324

I guess then the proper thing to do is to form a cordon sanitaire on all internet services delivered to the Hungarian governmental organisations effectively blackout their entire operation. How is that for democracy :-)

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