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Comment robotic probes discredited? (Score 1) 237

Why are robotic probes discredited?

Getting humans into space is ok, but we can probably get shit loads of robotic probes all over the solar system for a fraction of the cost to get 1 human to mars...

One thing that will help with humans is for us to come up with a commercial reason to have people living on the moon, as once its profitable then we'll find ourselves with a rapidly expanding colony (which will be amazing).

Comment unnecessary (Score 2) 293

I still have no idea why they needed to fork from debian, instead of just maintaining packages/patches required to provide a systemd alternative from within debian.

When choosing a distribution, why anybody choose a distribution whose only clear philosophy was that it is not something else? Unlike debian which is ultimate software freedom and stability or whatever.

Comment MS have too much to gain (Score 4, Insightful) 209

This is their play to get their own app store. If they can get a 30% cut on all games involving DX14 for example (by obliging DX14 games to use their app store), then they will be raking it in. There is no way they will give up on this strategy, as the benefits are too high.

Personally I say fuck them, they shit on PC gaming with GfWL because they were focusing on xbox, so I'm glad that Steam ate their lunch while they weren't looking. To add insult to injury, there are games now that are defunct because they relied on GfWL which was then abandoned by MS.

It turns out that Gaben was right all along about the need for SteamOS.

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