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Comment Re: Wasn't this the multi-trillion-dollar failure? (Score 0) 280

"The whole philosophy behind the F-35 is to detect and engage targets from further away than they can detect and engage the F-35. Aka,"

Lets hope that the adversaries agrees and is willing to accept playing their part to this concept, as the losers.

"if the F-35 is in a dogfight, it's already done something wrong to begin with."

Yes its design.

If you can transfer the IT systems ( if they ever mature ) to other platforms, then it might not all be lost.

Comment Sure coffee helps (Score 0) 106

Some times, but not always.
When your heart starts to sound like a bag of potatos falling down the stairs.
And you have the feeling of having a group of overweight dancing amatures riverdancing on your chest,
Then It's time to take a brake (~14 days)

The place where i work we have an espresso machine like this
And someone have adjusted the grinder to the finest granularity which yields the most compact coffee pads.
Probably for maximum kickback.
Anyways after four to six double shots every day for a couple of months gives you the sensation of being kind of ten to twenty years older.
Not cool!

Comment Re:Javascript is going away (Score 0) 341

Nodejs is not about reusing the same code on client and the server.
Nodejs is about exployting the V8 engine on a server with special io interfaces.
Emscripten, asmjs and Webassembly is just ways of boosting browser performance to near native performance.
Effectively turning the browser into a virtual machine.
Some also wanted multi threading, increased memory and emscripten on nodejs.
Then jxcore came about, a fork of nodejs based on spidermonkey instead of V8.
However what ever goes into V8 goes into nodejs.
Over time nodejs will turn into a regular powerhouse
You don't have to fork it and roll yor own.
This will be taken care of for you as V8 evolves.
So Nodejs can be any thing from a powerfull integration server.
to a full-stack development tool, build server etc.
It is just a very versatile tool that gives you a lot of options that you can chose from.
That is why i think it is so popular.

Comment Re:Javascript is going away (Score 0) 341

>Why do you think people will still use Javascript once they have other options?

JavaScript is a simple and flexible language.
The performance is more than adequate for MVC applications.
It might be slow compared to native applications, especially games, streaming and DSP applications.
But that is where WebAssembly and Emscripten come in to play.
You might just use JavaScript for handling user events and as a message broker calling various APIs with really fast WebAssembly and Emscripten code behind it.
With the improved performance boost that WebAssembly and Emscripten offers,
you can write open APIs that enables your frontend to render in OpenGL, Canvas as well as HTML.
Angular2 is planned to be used as a multi platform front end technology for both hybrid and native apps.
But then again, you can still use JavaScript as a client side language, perhaps as transpiled TypeScript or CoffeeScript or something else that you might prefer.
Personally i don't see any problems with JavaScript.
10 years ago there were huge problems with compatibility and stability.
But today I can't think of a more productive language than JavaScript.
And most browsers works very reliably with JavaScript.
The biggest hurdle when writing large applications with JavaScript is understanding scope and dealing with callback functions.
But that is something you can learn pretty quickly.
And there are libraries and superset languages like TypeScript and CoffeeScript built on top of JavaScript that handles most "JavaScript issues" if not all.
The only problem that i have with JavaScript is a lot of sad people complaining about how difficult it is to work with.

Comment Re:Javascript is going away (Score 0) 341

Soon like in 5 to 10 years?

WebAssembly and Emscripten are really cool technologies though.
But in no way a threat to JavaScript.

If something will destroy JavaScript, it is the constant extensions like ES6, ES7 etc.
It kills the concept of a beautiful and simple language, while often degrading the performance.
Google and Microsoft should sit down together and talk this through before they start hurting the global economy
with an overcomplicated mess of useless functionality and lifecycle events, that in the end will kill the web browser as we know it.
Especially Microsoft should have learned their lesson with ASP.NET.
Just keep it simple stupid!

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