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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 52

Presumably the fix would be to have the car always run in "cheat" mode, rather than removing the cheat. The cars are clearly capable of generating fewer emissions or the cheat wouldn't have worked in the first place.

The result will be lower performance, of course, but the vehicles will have emissions ratings in line with what everyone was led to believe.

Comment Re:Ineffective (Score 3, Insightful) 340

That's exactly what my router has. But we can take it a step farther and perhaps even simpler;

Disable the device's full functionality until a new password is set. This is a firmware change and doesn't add a single cent to the manufacturing costs. No labels, no special programming for each device.

Lost your password? Use the hardware reset button. Device is disabled again until a new password is set.

Comment Re:Ineffective (Score 5, Insightful) 340

I guess it depends on what qualifies as a "technical measure" then?

From what I understand, a very large portion of the devices were compromised because they used default passwords that were never changed. I would consider having a device disabled/crippled out of the box until a new password was set to be a technical measure.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 412

However, taking ALL of the data into account ( from all sides ), you can start to get a clearer picture of what's really going on.

Argument to moderation. You are assuming both sides are equally trustworthy (or non-trustworthy) and are basically symmetrical in their levels of manipulation. For example, Group A might be withholding information. Group B might be providing false information. The truth, therefore, is not somewhere between partial and wrong information.

That kind of thinking is exactly what makes propaganda effective. Congratulations on being a stooge.

Comment Re:Everything under the sun at Amazon (Score 1) 141

Since others mentioned Jameco and Digikey, I'll also offer Mouser as a source for electronics bits.

There are punishingly few components on Amazon worth the price and shipping time. If I ever buy electronics there, it's always part of a larger order and thrown in for shits and giggles rather than something I specifically need.

Comment Re:So what next? (Score 4, Informative) 235

If you RTFA (yeah yeah...) you'd notice that this is not an indictment of transportation, but a sign that efforts to reduce emissions from power generation are succeeding. In other words, it's not that transportation emissions are unusually high, it's that other sources of emissions are on the decline.... so you can now unbunch your panties.

The article then laments that efforts to curb transportation emissions haven't gained much traction yet, and notes that higher fuel prices are the best chance to drive efficiency gains and adoption of alternatives. Boo hoo!

Comment Re:What's the long term cost? (Score 1) 327

So you'd have no problems citing a source for that, then? A photo of an epipen showing an expiry date of 2021 or something?

Epinephrine degrades steadily with time and expired doses are not as effective as fresh ones. I've not been able to find anything to suggest a 5-year shelf life for an epipen anywhere, so if you'd be so kind...

Comment Re:What's the long term cost? (Score 1) 327

Ibuprofen isn't quite the same thing. Most drugs absolutely lose potency over time, and in the case of common over-the-counter analgesics that's not a huge problem since, at worst, you'll be getting a slightly lower dose than the label indicates. No big deal.

But in some cases, like with adrenaline shots, a lower than needed dose could be fatal.

As with food, "expiration date" is usually another way of saying "sell by" date - it is not a magical date when the food becomes inedible, but there are legal requirements to not sell food that is old to eliminate the possibility that spoiled food is sold... completely different from the rationale behind putting expiration dates on medicines.

Comment What's the long term cost? (Score 1) 327

It's my non-expert understanding that epinephrine has a short shelf life, and that the dose is fairly critical so using expired vials/doses is not really an option... the recommendation is that Epipens be replaced after 12-18 months but apparently the vials/normal syringes only last about two months. I can only imagine that in a system like this, the exposure to oxygen would shorten it even more.

So you'd probably need to replace the syringe and dose daily, or every other day, for both dose freshness and sterility reasons. I'm sure you're still saving money in the long run but it's now a lot more effort, time and material to make sure it's ready to use...

Comment Re:Clamp down on this socialist crap (Score 1) 579

I said nothing because that was the first post I ever made in this thread.

That said, you're a fucking idiot if you don't think Apple is in on it.

I suppose now you're going to pout and claim that there's no specific specific evidence that Apple specifically lobbied for specific tax rules specific to their business, or some weasel-worded shit like that... but all that will mean is you just want to stick your head in the sand.

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