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Comment Re:They also need to prevent unattended reboots (Score 3, Interesting) 130

Not really. There are thousands of apps companies write to support their widget. For each app there isn't enough interest (mostly because you need $companies product to need the app) for the OSS folks to care.

If you have to buy a $20k doohicky that takes a dedicated windows app to control, how many OSS folks will be chomping at the bit to write the control program?

Comment They also need to prevent unattended reboots (Score 5, Insightful) 130

My #1 complaint on Win10, over the telemetry and touch oriented interface, is the fact that whenever I open my laptop I never know if it will have rebooted or not.

I don't understand how M$ can think it's ok to reboot my laptop without first getting my consent. If it weren't for a couple programs I need Windows for I'd have 2 laptops running Linux, instead of just 1.

Comment This surprises exactly who? (Score 4, Interesting) 27

For the last few years we've heard about car companies adding networking to their cars, without adding any kind of security. Do a 3 finger salute on your DVD player? Hello, you can turn off the brakes.

I for one want to see car manufacturers 100% liable, plus damages, to software issues.

Fuck em, they're cheaping out in the hopes of being first to market. I say, first to hacked, first to toast.

Comment IMHO, convictions should be tossed (Score 1) 113

Not only should convictions based on stingray data be tossed, legal fees should be reimbursed. There is no doubt these things were illegal, make the assholes who used them (under an NDA no less) pay for it.

/ kinda sucks to be a Harris stockholder at the moment
// really sucks to be a law enforcement agency (HA!) that used the damned things
/// I'm old. I hope I live long enough to see 1984 fail
//// not holding my breath
///// /. formatting sucks balls. Why should I have to do a break line when a CRLF would do?

Comment Figure me 15 or 16, in the 70s (Score 1) 257

Went back east to Illinois to mom's sister. Her husband took me to the basement, which had a TV and pool table. He showed me where the beer was, and the playboys. I was, um, enjoying the playboys when the lights went out. Went upstairs to adults deciding to investigate. Went with them, some drunk off his ass dude had nailed the power pole maybe half a mile from Archie's place (Archie was the uncle, Maxine mom's sister).

Never got back to the Playboys nor the beer, but I've told this story dozens of times in the 40+ years since.

Comment This follows license plate scanners (Score 1) 110

Ya know, where the cops cruise a grocery store, grabbing all the license plate numbers. Meanwhile, another cop is on the freeway, grabbing license place number. While the third cop is doing his rounds, grabbing license plate numbers.

This shit has to end or we as a society are totally fucked. Forget what Trump might do, look at what these paper cuts, taken together,, might do.

Comment Weekend? As in fart with, not work with? (Score 4, Interesting) 149

Learned Java on my own a couple years ago, but have never used it in a professional environment. Do a lot of Python on my own. Do C/perl/bash/some C++ at work.

Love Python, Java is OK.

Then again, I've never used github neither personally nor professionally, I'm gonna guess these results are biased heavily towards github users, the rest of us (Perforce for me) are completely left out.

/ several years ago we were writing a new test suite
// I wanted Python, most others wanted Perl
/// Boss said "3,000 engineers here know Perl, you know Python. Wanna support 3,000 engineers?"
//// bummer, but he had a damned valid point

Comment As an old fart ready to retire (Score 1) 233

I gotta say to my younger geeks: "I'm so sorry dude, you missed out".

Then again, times change, my daughter is past the booth babe age but I would have hated for her to do that.

/ went to telemetry conferences in the 80s, the booth babes were awesome (I was in my 20s)
// went to more mainstream conferences in the 90s, booth babes still awesome but as I had a daughter kinda awkward
/// hit a couple CES and CTIA conferences in the 00's, booth babes same age as my daughter. awkward.
//// haven't been to a conference in 10 years, don't miss them, the travel hassles, the booth babes, the reports to upper management.

Comment Not just the elephants (Score 0) 325

Do you really that if HRC had known about this her campaign wouldn't have been using it?

I get the desire for privacy, I get the temptation to, well, cheat when you have that much power. How is this different from 10 years ago when you would have to peeps meet on an obscure bench somewhere, talking to each other while burying their faces in a newspaper.

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