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Comment Re:This is serious business (Score 1) 244

it's weird because i've watched a couple of documentaries about bees and beekeepers and both points you make run completely counter to what the beekeepers in the documentaries said.

1. ccd is something that is relatively new and related to a specific chemical being used, the problem happened in france, then they banned the chemical and the problem went away, the same thing happened here in the same way but we still use the chemical. i don't se how you would know what happens to feral hives . they are feral, they locations have to be discovered and unless you knew where all the feral hives were and were actively monitoring them you would never "know ccd wiped them out".

2. honey used to be profitable but in the last 5-10 years the market has been flooded with "fake" honey (honey and sugar syrup mixes) and driven down the price where it is not solely profitable to run honeybees for their honey.

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