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Comment Re:Astroturfing Trolls (Score 1) 899

Comparing men and women in the same job is not the end of the story. There is also the fact that fewer men are in the higher paying management jobs because those jobs aren't being offered to men. Women with the same amount of experience and talent move up the corporate ladder; men don't.

Comment Re:Addressed In the Call (Score 1) 53

yes, if he did worse... in athletics you try to do better each time, when you start to decline you either turn to coaching or do something other than sports.

everything that has a beginning has an end, the sign of the end is decline. but keep holding onto that dream.. maybe you could dig up some advice from older apple employees as well.

i'll let you borrow my shovel.

Comment OR (Score 1) 262

instead of purposely hampering control of movement via a controller.. allow USB mice and keyboards to be used for all games regardless of console or PC.

I don't understand why the reluctance to provide an interface for gamers who want to use a keyboard and mouse. it is clearly the superior control scheme for shooters and modern consoles have built in USB support. it's like forcing ice skaters to use high heels and suing the manufacturers of skates.

Can anyone explain why they won't let people just use kb/mouse instead? it would veen cost as much as shown now by people having to purchase a 100$ hub in order to use kb/mouse.

as someone who doesn't have both thumbs, controllers just don't work for me.. i can only use a kb/mouse combo.

Comment Re:Malignant narcissist upset, news at 11. (Score 1) 760

apparently it is because you got it wrong. they found the threat to be serious enough to investigate but not credible enough to be actionable.

let me explain the difference.

If i report that doug has threatened to murder me, well murder is a serious crime and people who threaten it sometimes end up murdering those they threaten.

so the police found the threat serious enough to investigate but when they found that doug is my neighbor's chicken, the threat of murder wasn't credible.

because the threat wasn't credible they did not pursue prosecution.

hope that helps show the difference between brianna crying wolf and that being serious enough for the FBI to investigate and her being batshit crazy and/or full of shit and justly the FBI deeming her maniacal rantings not credible.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 257

"Grab them by the pussy" -- President of the United States of America.

if you are going to quote someone, it is standard to provide ellipses when it is a partial quote, then people know there is more to the quote than just the words you decided to cut.


"that's why im never going to be popular" - Macdude

Comment Re: You mean something awful victim? (Score 1) 511

there is a whole thing about her transition, how she used to do a college comic as a man and then transitioned to a woman, and as a woman admitted that the college comics written by her as a man were in fact her.

even the characters in her game are the same exact characters (she drew them for the comics) in the comic, same name, same style, same characters.

i googled brianna wu college comic and found it


makes a pretty clear cut case that she was a he.

(sorry if i messed up the pronouns or was insensitive and such, it confuses me going back and forth between genders when describing someone.)

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