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Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 4, Insightful) 409

Same here. Would want to visit the USA. Should be fantastic. Both the country and people. There are many American scientists and artists that I hold in great esteem.

But as usual in any country, a minority of pedantic idiots try to screw things up. In my impression such wankers are more effective in the USA than in other true constitutional democracies. Coming up with pointless moronic rules (screen data at the airport that could be transferred in other more convenient, secure and untraceable ways), applying zero tolerance and feeling good about themselves for having done "a great job" at defending the country's best interests. And then there are their vassals who by the book and ooze stupidity out of their eyes.

To the majority of Americans that do have sense I'd say that it'd be good if that same majority would convey the idea that America surely wasn't built on FUD but more likely on risk taking, convention challenging, hard working and intellect.

Comment Not to be egotistic, but... (Score 0) 161

In a very broad sense, what's in it for me? Even thinner phones and tablets? Any other implications for tech geeks?

Otherwise, WTF is a biology subject doing on /.?

Not to stir things up, to cause a hostile atmosphere, or to troll in general. But biologists are among the most questionable programmers I've ever met. Messing things up with their fancy Human Genome Project stuff and with their readily available access to reproduction topics most /.ers can only dream of.

Comment Avoid as a rule, apply with good reasoning (Score 1) 600

Any "dirty" style should be avoided as a rule and applied with good reasoning.

My guilty pleasure is to return multiple return statements. The reasoning behind this is that it sometimes makes code better readable. Less nesting/fewer methods. Translating "avoid multiple return statements" to loops would result in avoiding break and continue statements.

If one's self-critical enough, code will be cleaned up eventually. Cleanly avoiding multiple return statements -and too many avoiding break and continue statements- usually comes with a breakthrough in the functional decomposition of the problem at hand.

Comment Beginners boo boo? (Score 1) 183

First, praise for communicating the error!

Second, how does such a beginners boo boo slip into statistics? I understand forgetting females without a cervix. But beings that weren't conceived with one? It sort of leaves the impression of botched research. Perhaps the findings and interpretation were rushed out to appease patrons. What else brings back memories of Roquefort and needs a once over? Did they confine the research to humans or more generally to primates?
So many questions.

Comment Hello Mr. victim (Score 1, Funny) 123

Hello Mr. victim. It is me, Steffen van der Hast-Gracht of the Amsterdam police. Wiz my partner and also I am very happy to say my lover Ronald. I am terribly sorry to inform you zat you haf bin vukked ofer ze Internet by some ferry dubious person stemming from Ze Nezerlands. Vee haf already prepared ze forms for you to fill in so zat you can claim insurance, psychological help and absent time from yor wurk. Vee also made petition on ze Internet for you to arrange a silent march over ze canals. You ken bye flowers from my nephew but if you don't want or you don't like also from any other shop. Yes. End may I infite you for a romantic evening with you, your partners, our dogs and a few convicted drug dealers zat reely reely promise to take ze right path very soon.

Comment Re:Defies the purpose of competition (Score 1) 127

Lets's assume a two classes world. Like you suggest, the upper class is security walled and can easily travel between compounds. The lower class in lawless areas outside the the walls.

I claim such a schema will not endure. There inevitably will be times when the upper class needs the lower class but can no longer access it. In the end the upper class will actually feel locked out and abandoned. No genuine external impulses will cause intellectual inbreeding. Attending a court with slave jesters as entertainment gets boring pretty soon. The tedious intelligentsia will either cause the tide to turn or will be eliminated and the next wave of smart people will have another go.

Not a scenario I'd be happy to have tested out. But in the long term this is what it would amount to IMHO.

Don't take it from me. Look at examples in the presence and in history, where cliques thought they deserved a garden of Eden. It never, ever works out well.

Comment Defies the purpose of competition (Score 1) 127

This defies the purpose of competition. As a competitor you're looking to improve your unique proposition, increase quality, lower costs, improve your dependency position with clients and suppliers. Saving on humans checks quite a few boxes. Following Nadella will weaken your strategic position. Artificially slowing down development serves the sneaky bastards that are now developing

In the middle long term companies that do exactly that will thrive. In the long term we'll all need to drastically re-evaluate our economy.

I haven't got an inkling -let alone an answer- as to what will matter when push comes to shove. The powers that be will not allow chaos to happen. At the same time we can't have a population of 90% poor people -made redundant by AI-, 9.9% of the people installing AI and robotics (until even that work dries out) and 0.1% wealthy people that actually feel entitled.

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