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Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 2) 79

There have been numerous phones in the past with this feature. I've owned several. It is not a panacea; carrying around a charged spare battery and swapping it is not convenient to many people (including me). Studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of swappable-battery phone owners actually carried around a spare.

Comment That's why I never update my phone anymore (Score 1) 44

My iPhone 6 Plus came with iOS 8.0 factory installed. I kept up with the updates until 10 came out, at which point I've refused every update. So my phone sits at 9.35, likely forever.

Reason (aside from avoiding bugs like in this thread topic) is to avoid a bloated OS that eats your battery life and overtaxes the processor/gpu. On a previous Apple device, I noticed that as soon as you got to two OS revisions above what it came with originally, it gets painfully slow. On that particular device it was originally iOS 4, and when i updated it to 6 there was a dramatic slowdown in responsiveness and app loading time. I eventually updated it to 7 to see if that helped, but it did nothing aside from taking up more disk space. It became so unusable, I gave it away for free.

There is a problem with this strategy though. Apple will force you to update. No matter what you do to your phone setting, it will phone home and automatically download the latest update. Disabling "Settings: App Store Auto Update" has no affect on this whatsoever. There is no way to disable this, aside from:

1. Jailbreaking with Cyanogenmod.

2. Block Apple update server from your wifi router (your phone will only attempt to auto-download when on wifi and not when on cellular)

I went with option #2 since I did not want to deal with the hassle of jailbreaking. Simply go to your router config page and block these two URLs:

Comment Re:Isn't it the victim's Echo they want info from? (Score 3, Interesting) 112

Amazon likely doesn't want to reveal what it's recording (everything) and how long it holds onto it (forever).

This, pretty much. People might have second thoughts about buying one if they realized Amazon records *everything*, forever.

I'm far from a legal expert but doesn't the gov't already have the power to subpoena library records to see if a defendant checked out books on poison or bombs?

Comment What is up with this anti-gluten bullshit? (Score 5, Insightful) 292

quinoa, a hugely popular "super-food" because it is well balanced and gluten-free

Seriously, wtf? When and why did gluten become an evil boogeyman? Was there a recent research that found gluten causes cancer or something? Or is it just a new age hippie thing?

Gluten is just wheat protein. It's nutritious. It's how Roman soldiers were able to go everywhere and fight because they had a reliable, portable, long-lasting and nutritious food supply. Wheat is actually the first superfood.

Yes a tiny percentage of the population can't eat wheat because of celiac or wheat allergies. So what, peanut allergies are far more common and yet I don't see a lot of anti-peanut crusading.

Comment Corporate owned media (Score 3, Insightful) 660

Is anyone shocked that corporate-owned media is serving up stories and interviews with corporate bosses that favor corporate profits? Where are the interviews with workers who lost their jobs?

I'm still puzzled at why there isn't any anger from rank-and-file liberals at how the corporate interests infiltrated and took over the liberal movement to the point where every liberal newspaper is advocating policies that favor corporate profits, such as globalization and importing cheap labor. There was a brief backlash in the form of the Bernie movement, but the corporate liberals squashed that pretty quick in favor of their stooge Clinton.

Comment Bad Questions (Score 3, Interesting) 180

"Paris is the capital of Germany" -- some people will legitly not know the answer. And besides France and Germany are both white-man countries in Western Europe that are very close to each other; someone not fully alert could easily confuse the two.

"You were born in Berlin" -- people with varying degrees of amnesia or repression forget their personal details, but still retain general knowledge of the world. For instance, "Do Birds Fly?" or "Is ice hotter than the Sun?" are questions that even full-on amnesiacs can answer correctly.

Also, 70% seems like a pretty horrible accuracy rate. For yes/no answers to such super-simple questions, the success rate should be 100% or close to it.

Comment Kinda reminds me of a 70's idea (Score 1) 67

At some point in the 70's, astronomers believed that normal planetary formation processes, for a planet of similar size and composition as Earth, would inevitably lead to a very dense atmosphere like Venus. Earth ended up with a small atmosphere because it had a giant, close-orbiting moon that "stripped away" particles from the very edges of the atmosphere. Therefore we should be thankful for this giant moon, which is probably very rare for a planet the size of Earth.

(in fact Asimov says in one of his later Foundation books that complex sentient life only evolved on Earth in this galaxy because of a very rare combination of a giant moon and radioactive crust)

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