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Comment Endorsements from people who don't know me.. (Score 1) 48

People seem to endorse me for things and they have no background in it. If you are going to endorse me for a skill, you should have that skill set in your linkedin profile. Your endorsement becomes more valuable when the people who endorse you also rise in the esteem of others. Ultimately, there needs to be a metric on skills by some unaffiliated power or weighting system.. (preferably, not stuff like certification training)

Comment Re:Buy it? (Score 1) 72

Well, they are a business. And the money goes back into their business as well as fixing things upstream. They aren't stealing from you and then enriching their pockets like it was some kind of scam.

And yes, they do want you to pay for it... so it isn't being disingenuous. There are a lot of users in the FOSS world who believe they are entitled to other people's hard labor even though they are giving away the source code that they get the application or operating system for free. That is purely a labor of love. They are a business and they are trying to make money it would be self-defeating to give the choice of not paying anything from that perspective.

I also plan on evolving this eco-system in a similar direction - moving towards being able to make money off of applications, that is the only way we can grow the Linux market today.

Comment Re:Buy it? (Score 1) 72

Umm.. no.. they aren't greedy as fuck. Wow, the temerity to ask for compensation while working on a product! Also, the main developer was practically homeless at one point. So pardon if he's trying to make a living on doing something he's passionate about. I've met the entire Elementary team personally and they work quite hard. So kindly keep your judgmental comments to yourself.

Comment Re:I'm not "in circumstances" (Score 1) 338

I'm out of work, and I saved for a rainy day, so I'm okay for a couple of years. But to say that I created my circumstances is bullshit. I got laid off because someone above put together some data points and ran some database queries and then executed. They bypassed the entire management chain and laid people off. So no, I don't think I created my circumstances, someone else did. I only had the wisdom to not trust a company and made sure that I saved for such an event.

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