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Comment Re:Why trust a cheap supermarket to be a bank? (Score 1) 65

Its all about who the stakeholders are. Banks are for profit and normally have stock or ownership of some sort. Anyone can open an account. Credit Unions are not for profit. One of the credit unions I have an account at gives a dividend payment every year based on how much in savings and other accounts you have. Also, most credit unions are restricted in membership. One of my two credit unions is restricted by county that I live in, I think it covers a few in the metro. The other is based on where I work. The not for profit generally means better interest rates on savings accounts and lower rates on loans. At the regional credit union, i still have a debit card and online banking with bill pay. They even have an app. They even have more local branches, including a few in one of the major grocery store chains in the metro. ~An informed millenial

Comment Re:So fire the school principals! (Score 1) 58

They also get a Service Level Agreement. If your home internet connection goes down, AT&T might be out next week to fix it, business and enterprise class services, might be on the way before you hang up the phone. This is the biggest reason they cost more as well. I got to call Dell once on a server with a bad memory module, server was still running, had a guy at our door in a few hours to put the new one in.

Comment Re:What a strange comparison (Score 1) 177

I've seen lots of studies saying exactly that. I've also seen some that say the have no effect. Most of the studies that say they are helping say they increase student engagement which normally helps with attendance and test scores. As far as IT staff. Chromebooks are easy, they are all managed centrally from a website. iPads aren't bad and can be manged through special software centrally. The biggest problem is its a lot more devices with the same number of people or less.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 321

I completely agree. I do not think this is a millennial problem. I go to the theater a lot, and I'm in this age group as well, the one's I see using there phones are either younger 12-15 year old or older such as in the 40s or 50s. I only see it maybe one movie in every 20 or 30 that I go to. It also depends on the movie that is showing, tend to see it more in comedies aimed at teens or those romance dramas. If they really want to attract millennials, this is not the way to do it. My suggestion is offer a place social engagement before or after the movie. Look at some of the things Alamo drafthouse is doing with a bar attached to the theater plus good dine in theaters with good food that you'd find in a decent restaurant. There is even one not very far from there new expensive Leawood Headquarters in downtown Kansas City, I'm sure they they can find it, it use to be an AMC.

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