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Comment Re:Got tired of that shit, went back to Win 7. (Score 4, Insightful) 156

I don't really know what I'm going to do when they fuck up Windows 7 just as badly [as Windows 10] or try to [deprecate] it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

You're at that bridge right now. It's time to start switching to Linux, while you still have some breathing room, and not wait until you're in a crisis.

Windows 7 is already deprecated, though support hasn't been complete pulled yet (but all the copies of Windows 7 that will ever be provided to retailers are already in play). And ReactOS will NEVER reach API parity with Windows 7/10+. WINE has been chasing the Windows API for decades, with spotty success at best.

I switched to Linux full time back in 1999, and haven't used Windows at home since then. I weathered the ups and downs of my transition, learning as I went along, but it didn't take long before the Linux way (I settled on Kubuntu) of doing things seemed more natural than the Windows way of doing things.

But I didn't wait until I was at a do-or-die confrontation with life. I switched while I still had plenty of time to learn my new surroundings. This is where you are right now. Don't wait until you are under pressure. Start now by using the same Free and Open Source Software on Windows as you will be using under Linux (to the extent that it is available on Windows). Then, when you switch, you won't be under extreme pressure to replace your software and operating system at the same time.

Comment The Question Answers Itself (Score 1) 87

But the real question is how the fans are going to feel about watching a speed race between cars with no drivers?

This question answers itself if framed within the context of the racing genre:

"But the real question is how the fans are going to feel about watching paint dry, knowing that the paint wasn't applied by a real person?"

Having the cars operated by software rather than by human drivers doesn't change anything.

Comment Re:It's about time! (Score 1) 146

So in other words... from a small picture of the earth viewed from orbit....

Only if Google already has a high resolution picture of your house with the UPS package already sitting on your doorstep.

The algorithm does NOT enhance pixelated images in any meaningful way. It is only able to match a pixelated image with an already existing high resolution image of the same thing, and only by scaling the high resolution image down to a pixelated form suitable for comparison with the existing pixelated image.

The only thing that makes this at all interesting is that pattern matching algorithms are a bit better than they were in the 80's when every teenage programmer with a home computer thought of the same thing. It has been an introductory programming exercise in computer graphics for decades.

Comment Nothing New (Score 4, Informative) 477

It's been like that since the Internet went mainstream in the 1990's, and even when the Internet was opened up to Universities before going mainstream. The overall proportion of useless forum idiots has probably stayed relatively constant for the last 20+ years (and probably even before Web forums overtook Usenet).

The problem probably seems worse now because the Internet population is much larger than it was back then, making the absolute numbers larger; but the ratio of idiots to the entire population is probably in the same ballpark as back then.

The answer has always been the same: you must ignore them, and don't feed the trolls. At least on Usenet, we had the twit filter that would allow us to list the people we wanted to automatically ignore.

Comment Re:Please don't go groveling to him (Score 1) 437

It's going to affect each and everyone of us in subtle and not so subtle ways. It already has.

This statement is like Astrology: so vague that it applies to everything.

Would you mind elaborating on your theme that it's going to hurt us? I'm always open to the possibility that I'm missing something (even something painfully obvious), but I like the idea of gutting the entire H1B Visa program.

Comment Evaluation (Score 1) 309

The FDA does not evaluate or approve the homeopathic products....

To be fair, the FDA does not evaluate approved pharmaceuticals, either. In the vast majority of cases, the FDA just assumes that the pharmaceutical company is being completely honest about its research and testing, even when it is clearly lying.

Merck is a great example of such a lying company that gets blanket approval by the FDA without any outside verification required.

That being said, not everything labeled as Homeopathic is actually Homeopathic. Hyland's teething tablets, while definitely dangerous, are not Homeopathic since they contain an actual ingredient that is known to have an effect (for better or worse) on the human body.

Hyland's big problem is false advertising regarding ingredient quantity and quality.

Comment Re:Not Sure How I feel about this (Score 1) 115

[Internet technology is] something to stand in sheer awe of, not World of Warcraft and Photoshop.

I agree entirely. NONE of those seven things on the list rise to the level of software heroics. The Internet, on the other hand, changed the world in a way that no other software even remotely approaches.

While this Computer History Museum exhibit's purpose is laudable, its choices for the exhibit are shamefully ridiculous.

Comment Re:Not dead, just a zombie (Score 1) 399

Don't worry, 3D will come back. And then it will go away again.

You hit the nail on the head. Of course 3D TV will return, because a new generation of ignorant executives will rise through the ranks of media companies, and a new generation of ignorant consumers will have disposable income. Neither of those groups will have any grasp on history, and will repeat the cycle over and over again (failing each time) until someone creates an ACTUAL 3D experience.

That said, my entire previous paragraph will be moot if VR/AR becomes mainstream. That has a far, far better chance of providing a 3D experience than any type of TV.

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