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Comment Re:So what are these CISSP "cyberwarriors" doing? (Score 1) 90

There is an increasing amount of evidence that Snowden still works for the CIA. He's the only one including this guy and Manning, who hasn't been caught (which just feels super suspicious .. that combined with him criticizing Russia on Twitter .. while in Russia .. supposedly).

I don't think the Snowden story is real. I think it's most likely propaganda. And if that's fake, who is to say there is any legitimacy to this story either?

We live in 1984, just less totalitarian and more Brave New World (with all the good parts gone). We think we're free and have free media, but it's all propaganda. Want to prove it? Right now you think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist nutbag. See: totally works. All dissenting opinions are made by tin foil hatters.

Comment Re:Oh brother (Score 2) 90

And you know what, we have no idea if this guy even is the ShadowBrokeer. All the "evidence" is totally classified for national security purposes. This guy might totally be railroaded. Hell, this guy may not even exist! This might be a whole media campaign just to keep the fear going. We really have no fucking idea.

Comment Re:ICANN, you failed... (Score 1) 146

I cannot agree more. I am so sad this got approved. This was one of the worst ICANN decisions ever. It effectively another step towards a more closed, exclusive and closed wall Internet. The big names get their own TLDs now, well out of the reach of individuals. It's AOL keywords all over again, except worse.

Comment Re:Lots of cheap housing in US, just not in San Fr (Score 4, Insightful) 270

Entitled? What if you grew up there; lived there all your damn life. People who like moving can go -- and if they have family somewhere they often do. But there are a lot of people who don't like moving. They want to be near their family and their home.

At one time they could live out on a BART line and afford a single one bedroom for under $1k like so many other cities in the US. But that was decades ago. The tech market emerged and created a totally different social environment. Housing sky rocketed and people in normal jobs struggled to make ends meat.

Who are you to say who should and shouldn't live there. And if all the people who couldn't afford to live there left, who exactly is going to work in your coffee shops, your corner stores, drive your buses and man the rail stations? Just because you don't have a fancy-ass tech job means you should have to commute over an hour each day to work shit wages in live in shit overpriced housing?

George Carlin said it best: they call it the America dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 4, Informative) 270

Thank god. On Seattle's subreddit, it's nothing but homeless hate. They do nothing but complain about the homeless and want all the tent cities gone.

Seattle's homeless problem is a total crisis. When it's this many people camped out on the street and in parks, they don't chose it. Even people I know with normal/non-tech jobs are in a constant struggle to just make ends meat.

Comment Re:What does Cyanogenmod still offer? (Score 2) 49

They offer not having all the shit and crapware that Samsung/Sony/LG/HTC install that you cannot get rid of. The speed on my Sony was night and day from stock to Cyanogen. They pretty much offer a stock AOSP experience, plus a couple of nice UI and general features (that don't kill performance) and that's it.

It's like when you could do a clean install of XP and get rid of all the Dell/Gateway/HP rubbish. But we can't do that with Android.

I'd like to see an Android release that requires all manufactures to use a unified kernel with a standard initrd location. Then you can have AOSP + initrd + (if you want) Gapps and boob: clean basic phone.

Comment Re:The Death of Cyanogenmod.... (Score 1) 49

The Android eco system is a complicated one. There was a previous article about Torvalds preferring x86 to ARM and the reasons he states directly relate to Android fragmentation. Kernels are often highly customized for each ARM board, where as with the x86 architecture, you're pretty much guaranteed a certain basic architecture stack.

I wrote a post on Android fragmentation a while back:

Comment Re:Well... he has a point on all fronts. (Score 1) 150

I'm struggling with Arbian and ArchArm on a ClearFog Pro right now. Wi-Fi drivers like to have all kinds of weird problems. I can't just cross compile a newer kernel to see if the problem is fixed, because the kernel for the Clearfog has a lot of specific kernel patches. Even though ARM boards support the standard PCIE and USB buses.

If I had to do this again, I would have tried to find a small x86/Atom style board. That way I could use Grub/EFI and the tools I'm familiar with.

Comment Re:Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 1) 277

You can photograph anyone or anything in public. All that bluring of number places is done by tv producers and google maps engineers as more of a general liability protection. It does get into murky waters when law enforcement does it. But if I setup a camera and wrote some software to capture plate numbers and I was doing so from a public road, that is totally legal. I could then sell that info to law enforcement.

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