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Comment funny (Score 1) 214

This is funny, as more and more is clear the Pro-Brexit campaign was lying their ass off. the first thing they did after they won was break their big promise of spending billions of pounds on care. And now a lot of people who find out the thruth about being lied to by the Pro-brexit people are getting angry.. Funny thing is, they want a new round for voting, but that's being nixed.
Brexit was never good for anyone, expect the people who ran the campaign..

Comment Re:Should read "the intensifying Russia-China spac (Score 0) 265

The US is not renewing their contract with the russians (which will expire end of 2018 if I'm not mistaken), and will rely on commercial flights by SpaceX, Boeing etc.. NASA (read, US) will not have it's own rockets for sending people into space. Just like the ISS, yes they will abandon it in 2024, but it will be taken over by commercial entities, that's why they are already letting commercial entities create and test modules for connecting to the ISS..

Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 1) 265

But space exploration and experiments are needed to solve problems on earth. You must be ready to have spaceships before it's too late. What if an asteroid is about to hit the earth and wiping it clean? if you have no capabilities to evacuate people to other planets then you're in big trouble.. So yeah, we need to solve problems on earth, but we certainly need more research and development in space exploration etc..

Comment crap article (Score 1) 110

What did Samsung know about his phone? And why would Samsung need to say anything to the media? my god what kind of crap reporting is this, and what kind of childish behavior of "I need to know everything, if they didn't say anything about it they should have, otherwise they are bad, bad.. oh daddy please make them say everything, I want to know it".

Comment overrated (Score 1) 51

4K and HDR are highly overrated. HDR especially, just make sure your TV is calibrated will also do a lot to the quality of the image, and most 4K content (except 4K blurays) is not really 4K, yes the resolution might be 4K, but the quality is crap. Mostly it doesn't even come close to a decent mastered bluray (with that, I'm not talking about the 1GB bluray rips which people seem to think that's FullHD bluray quality)..

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