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Comment Re:Voice Control (Score 2) 98

Agreed, however people down south don't move their mouse with "the typical hospitallllity of us folk 'round here" as opposed to the people up north who couldn't give a rats ass.

Speech is incredibly dense to parse. Where a near perfect operation is required for a mouse, voice control can have a couple bumps in its' road before (and while) being highly adopted.

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 155

"disable aircraft communications, resulting in loss of control"

Why would someone build a weapon that could so easily be countered? They wouldn't.

People do realize we build and send unmanned drones literally millions of miles away with pre-programmed instructions, right? How do the not expect that concept to extend to drones?

Programmed to fly to a specific coordinate, using GPS from take off and flight info to calculate current position if communications are disabled by reported weapon, drop payload, fly back to take off point. Laugh. Profit from war.

Comment Re:Connectng (Score 1) 76

I disagree with your first half, but agree with the latter.

I would like my devices to be able to easily download patches, whether they be security or new features. I don't want to have to go to a dealer ship to get a critical patch and then be talked about 10 other things I could pay for to have done.

Comment Confused (Score 2) 189

Can someone spell this out for us lamens?

How does something teleport across a wire? By that logic, our current communication systems are "teleporting" information.

I thought Quantum Entanglement is instantaneous and void of any connecting wires, which fits my definition of "teleportation" a little better, but I still don't think of it as teleporting.

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