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Comment Subject (Score 1) 88

I will take a serious look to see if it can really improve GTM/JoinMe/etc crap services.

GTM is by far the worst offender, every version remains fully intact on your machine until you find and manually delete it. And they have a release schedule that makes Chrome look good.

Only issue is the pricing. Chime pricing seems awkward.

Comment Re:Where is the disclosure? (Score 0) 100


Do they need to disclose this? It is a private company. Sure the information is really important sometimes, but it's still a private service.

If Facebook says fuck off, we are going down for a couple hours for maintenance, are they required to forewarn us? No, that's silly, they can do whatever they please.

If CNN doesn't cover a "terrorist attack", are they required to apologize (not apologies you fuckwits at DOE) and forced to cover it? No, that's silly, they can do whatever they please.

If FoxNews spreads false information for years, are they required to apologize and forced to cover facts? No, that's silly, it's fuckin FoxNews, they do whatever they please.

Comment To be clear (Score 0, Offtopic) 100

To be clear, the Weather Channel and it's owners/affiliates do not own or operate

IBM does.

"The Weather Company was previously owned by a consortium made up of The Blackstone Group, Bain Capital, and NBCUniversal. That consortium sold The Weather Company's product and technology assets to IBM on January 29, 2016, but retained possession of The Weather Channel cable network. As part of the purchase, the Bain/Blackstone/NBCUniversal consortium entered into a long-term licensing agreement with IBM for use of its weather data and "The Weather Channel" name and branding"


Comment Re:Why do you need a contract to work? (Score 3, Funny) 73

It's an intrinsic part of the American Dream.

In the American Dream, you are the up and coming baron of some, now unknown, but soon to be discovered, market. Knowing that you will become this overlord of industry, why would you vote to put up such a strong road block as unions? Wouldn't you rather vote to ensure that they don't impede your eventual rise to wealth?

Comment Hmm... (Score 1) 67

Maybe in some strange parallel universe, this will be the next habitable piece of rock in the solar system.

As the Moon spins out from Earth's gravity, it collides with a large asteroid, heating the Moon, warming up, starting planetary thermodynamics, releasing all this stored "stolen" life giving elements into the space around the Moon, but kept in place by its' new gravitational strength.

Then ultimately picked up by the sun in just the right spot...

Comment Re:Audio (Score 2) 114

"however not sure why they bother as at this point why would you choose ____ when other ____ technologies now do the job"

lets play madlibs.

javascript/java/go/php/ruby/python ... programming
dick ... dildo
blah blah blah

As always, there are different tools for different jobs. Bluetooth uses much less power than WiFi for example.

Comment Re:Source of information is questionable (Score 2) 560

Whereas the other side of the argument has?

The point being that there clearly isn't enough credible research into this market (I say market, because it's the new cash crop) from either side of the argument.

My personal beliefs are that it has no negative side-affects, besides some strains giving me a version of whiskey/coke dick.

Disclaimer: I smoke weed every day.

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