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Comment Re:unlimited (Score 1) 48

But nobody moves large quantities of content between devices.
They look up a contact, listen to a song, or show a coworker a picture of their dog.
We don't use our phones to edit the next Pixar film. 99% of my time on a mobile device is spent on apps that require connectivity anyway.

Comment Re: This wouldn't even be news (Score 1, Troll) 268

Actually the point being made is dead on. At best she did not comply with regulations. Seeing as it took months for those that wrote them to figure that out, you can't blame her for not knowing. That's how compliance regulations work. If your out of compliance they tell you to fix it, then they comeback 6 months later. Nothing done was criminal in nature by itself. Know if she did it as part of another criminal act, say to falsify expenses, it could be. Anyone that thinks Clinton would be dumb enough to do anything illegal over email has not followed her career. She is crafty too a fault at times.

Comment Re:I feel like a luddite sometimes (Score 1) 771

Or they'll start making earbuds with built-in DACs, but the earbuds themselves will be heavier. Given a choice, I'd rather have a little more thickness on my phone than extra weight hanging from my ears.

Are you not familiar with modern technology. A lightning connector with a DAC in it could certainly be as small and light as a 3.5 plug.

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