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Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 1) 370

She never used a State email account.

No no no. You are still not gettin' it. The regular State Dept. office email system was NOT designed for classified info. There was a different system for sending and receiving classified info. It's not "email". It doesn't use email standards.

the FBI found that thousands of the records destroyed were plainly State-related work correspondence,

I don't think was "thousands". You are exaggerating. Some categorized as "personal" indeed turned out not the be personal, or mixed. However, there's no evidence it was intentional; for they were bland messages (at least those they were able to recover or re-construct).

Comey said there seemed to be a pattern to those mis-categorized: one would have to read the entire message to see they were work related such that he speculated H's lawyers probably read just the first few lines or just the title to categorize them as work vs. personal.

There is plenty of evidence of slop (by H and/or her lawyers), but so far NONE of intentional coverup or intentional false statements.

Comment Re:Crazy "Curiosity" Landing worked.. Schiaparelli (Score 1) 145

Indeed. Rube Goldberg called NASA and wanted Curiosity's landing mechanism back.

When I first saw all the steps involved, the WTF light on my forehead was flashing red. I was surprised it actually worked and had mentally prepared for a failure just before it landed. Good thing I didn't go to a betting site.

Curiosity's landing system was partly a test of "hovering" technology that will allow finer-tuned positioning in the future so that rovers don't waste time and wear roving in boring areas to get to the "good stuff".

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 1) 370

We don't know if she conducted "all" correspondence through her own server. We don't have stats about her usage of the secret system (which is typically NOT called email). You are GUESSING.

and when ultimately subpoenaed for that information, she set about destroying federal records.

That's spin. You know it.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 1) 370

It depends whether one is looking to the future or the past. If we focus on the future, then it appears Trump is ALSO sloppy with IT.

With email being key to the campaign, it should have crossed his mind many times to make sure his own server house was in order by hiring top security inspectors to verify.

Hillary can perhaps legitimately claim nobody asked, checked, or reminded her about the issue in the course of her work. Trump can't.

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