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Comment Re:If vaccination worked (Score 1) 500

Despite your claim, there are several diseases that no longer exist.

Only smallpox and rinderpest have been eradicated and rinderpest is not a human disease. Polio is close at 74 new cases reported in 2015 all of which were type 1. Type 2 cases were last reported in 1999 and the last reported type 3 case was in 2012. Only Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria are not considered polio free.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 500

the measles vaccination is not 100% effective, so even if you have had it you can still get measles. Its bloody rare but I personally had the misfortune to catch it as a young adult

99.7% of vaccinated individuals are immune if they went through the full treatment. If you only received one vax shot then it's somewhere between 80-95% of individuals are immune.

Comment Re:If vaccination worked (Score 2) 500

Herd immunity is the concept that with a sufficiently high enough level of vaccination a disease is unable to move effectively from one host to another due to a lack of hosts. Via this mechanism, individuals who are unable to receive the vaccine (due to a negative reaction or not being old enough) or individuals in which the vaccine does not take (it happens) are still protected from the disease. This threshold varies based on the disease in question but here's some common ones. Influenza (33-44%), Ebola (33-60%), SARS (50-80%), Mumps (75-86%), Polio (80-86%), Smallpox (80-86%), Rubella (83-86%), Diptheria (83-86%), Pertussis (92-94%), Measles (92-95%).

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 415

The security of Hillary's email server is an ancillary topic at best. The primary motivator behind the issue is the questions on whether government business was conducted on that server to avoid FOIA requests and government retention policies and whether classified information was on the server.

Comment Re:That's politics for you... (Score 4, Interesting) 95

Poor guy asks a sensible question.

Media can't abide this.

Media searches individuals history looking for any possible dirt.

They find "dirt", the a reddit post indicating belief that the shooting of Trayvon Martin in self-defense was justified, expressing potential sexual attraction to pregnant women, and promoting vasectomies.

The only real evidence of wrongdoing that they found was a reddit post indicating that he had submitted fraudulent insurance papers to keep his pizza delivery job.

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

US 2014 road fatality statistics:

29,989 fatal motor vehicle crashes resulting in 32,675 fatalities.
Fatalities by Vehicle Type: Car (38%), Pickup/SUV (25%), Large Truck (2%), Motorcyclist (13%), Pedestrian (15%), Bicyclist (2%)
Fatalities by Crash Type: Single-vehicle (57%), Multiple-vehicle (43%)
Drivers Killed: 15,479 (47% of total fatalities)
Drivers Killed with BAC >= 0.08: 4,913 (15% of total fatalities)
Road Fatalities by Environment: Urban (47%), Rural (51%)

Comment Re: BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN (Score 1) 348

Kennedy's mistake on Bay of Pigs was to use a compromise position rather than accepting or rejecting the proposal as it was. He didn't want US assets or personnel to be involved in the invasion but he was perfectly fine with sending in the Cuban expats. He axed the US asset element of the plan and predictably the invasion failed.

Comment Re:Tax (Score 1) 539

Most likely you would be given a court order to rectify the code violations by a given date along with a potential penalty for the violation in the first. Failure to do so would probably be met with a penalty. Continuing to ignore the court order could lead to criminal charges.

Condemning is supposed to be reserved for building that are unfit for occupation. Some code violations can justify condemning a home but generally it's fire hazards, unclean conditions, or structural integrity issues that lead to a home being condemned.

Comment Re:Pathetic Crybaby As#hole (Score 1) 412

Here's a list of ranges that I was able to find for defining millennials. Scanning the lot of them it would look like the starting year is roughly 1980-1981 while the ending year is roughly considered around 1995-2000. The number of years covered by the range goes from 14-22 years. Suffice it to say, your definition of '85-'05 appears to about out of alignment.

1980-???? (This one basically hasn't decided when to cut off and is adding all new 18 year olds to the generation)

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