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Comment Re:meta-stable? (Score 1) 232

Well it hung around for a long time in the singular state (metallic hydrogen and solid diamond in a regular crystal). That was the low entropy state log2(1/num_states) = 0. That was also the metastable state. It was sitting on the metaphorical knife edge ready to fall off at any point. It did and now its in the new higher entropy and more stable state of "Splattered all over the lab and floating as a gas". log2(1/billions_of_states) = a much bigger number.

However it seems it was pushed by a laser light. In metastability in circuits we normally deal with thermal noise doing the pushing, but the noise is part of the system. So deciding what is in the system and what is not determines whether or not it's metastable.

Comment Re:we've been stuck at 4 core for too long (Score 2) 270

There are certain scientific and data processing applications

Amazing, that's exactly what I need them for! More the merrier. If you see me on Facebook, it's because I'm waiting on my PC to do something. I use "the cloud" for jobs that are worth the effort of setting up there. But most of the time I'm waiting on my local PC, and double the number of cores would approximately halve that wait.

Ditto. I'm regularly maxing out local i7s on long simulations and computations. I look at all that GPU area on the die and think it would be nice if they added a few more cores instead. I think there are more of us out there than people think. Not everything is serving crappy XML over crappy REST protocols.


Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 4, Insightful) 129

That being said, this happens more and more. Someone is responsible for renewing certificates, but as we renew them for longer and longer periods, that means we simply start to forget about them.

An alternative viewpoint is that this is one of the ludicrously bad failings of PKI. Requiring someone to remember to do an infrequent and short task at a point 1 or 2 years in the future, or the whole system collapses when they forget or leave or get booted. We could fix (I.E. delete and replace) PKI and this specific failure would not happen, so the overworked IT staff can go back to deploying Windows NT patches.

Comment Re:They get you off your ass (Score 4, Funny) 93

But, from a common sense 30,000 foot perspective, if there is even the slightest effect among the majority of these apps of embarrassing you into getting off your ass a little more often, isn't that likely to be a net health positive?

Damn it! 10,000 steps a day was hard enough! Now you're saying 30,000 feet is the common sense amount? That's an extra 2000-3000 steps per day!

If you start at 30,000 feet, terminal velocity will be reached quite quickly and the word terminal can be interpreted in at least two ways.

Comment Re:For the people who can buy a nice laptop (Score 1) 126

Wait, you don't like numpads? We can have a holy war! I can't deal with anything without a friggin numpad. Feels totally derp to try to enter more than a few numbers without one. I didn't realize there were people who actually don't like the numpad for some heretical reason. EEEEEIIIIIINFIDELLL!!!

Because the keyboard it not centered on the screen, or more importantly, it's not centered under my hands.
On a desktop I can move the keyboard to the right to compensate. Since I don't use the num pad, I don't need it and I save a bunch of desk space with a nice HHKB pro 2.

Also a computer num pad is upside down relative to phones.

Comment For the people who can buy a nice laptop (Score 5, Informative) 126

I'm a potential customer of one of these or new MBP. These seem like the only two options for a high end laptop these days. So I priced them out for a similar config.

I compared as close a config as I could between a optioned up mac and Oryx.
So that means 15", because the Oryx only offers the hires display on 15".
Apple only offer 16GB ram on 15" models, so that's what I set it to on Oryx
Oryx only offer up to 1TB on nvme, where Apple allow 2TB. But on the Oryx you can have second drive, so I added 1 TB SSD.
The graphics card options are not choices since you need the max Orix option for the high res display.

Apple: 15.4" retina display 2880x1800. Radeon 455 4GB. 2.8GHz CPU, 16GB Memory, 2TB Storage, $4299.
Oryx 16.6" hidipi display . Nvidia GTX1070 8GB. 2.9GHz CPU. 1TB NMVe+1TB SSD. :$3154

If you drop back to 1TB (which you might because Apple want $800 for the extra TB. It's Apple $3499, Oryx $2695.

Other things you might care about:
I'm personally ok with either macos or Linux. You may or may not care.
The mac looks ok. The Oryx looks butt ugly.
The Orix lets you option it up further than Apple - 64GB Ram for instance.

In the past, claims that Apple were more expensive tended to ignore the horrible screens or limited storage on the cheaper counterparts.
In this instance the Apple for a similar config is $800-$1000 more expensive.

So the Oryx is looking pretty good, except for the butt ugly case.

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