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Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 1) 490

Driving a U-Haul across country isn't something I really want to do, but I'd do it if I had to. The wife would want to hire movers for most things, but we'd also probably get rid of a bunch of stuff that wasn't absolutely needed (sigh, goodbye classic computer collection). Still, it's going to be a pricey prospect no matter what we do.

I wouldn't expect a potential employer to pay for the entire move, but I'd hope for some sort of moving stipend. I actually never thought of telling a company I was actively trying to move while I was interviewing, that might help. Still, how many companies are even willing to fly you out for an interview unless you're something special? Back when I got out of college in 2000, I had multiple companies fly me out for interviews. Those days are long gone I'm afraid.

Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 2) 490

Mainly because all of her moms friends, doctors, and places are all in CA. We're currently looking into moving her out here, but it's the last option we want to take because we don't want her to have to give up all her people. There's also the weather issue to consider as cold is harder on the body as you age. This option is easier on me because *I* don't have to give up anything (job, friends, places, etc.) but it's the hardest on her.

Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 3, Interesting) 490

That's a plan we've actually discussed. The problem is that we'd have to rent a place to put all of our stuff as her house is small (my wife doesn't work so we'd have to sell the house before we moved) and her mom is sort of in the middle of nowhere as far as IT jobs go (Antelope Valley area) so it would be a lot of commuting if I managed to snag a job somewhere. Still, that might be our best bet if push came to shove.

Also, to be honest, I'm approaching that age where changing jobs becomes a bit riskier. My current job is cushy and fairly safe (plus there's a pension I'm invested in), so I'm a bit scared to throw that all away for something that could crumble after a few months. Then again, we do stupid things all the time for love.

Comment Harder Than It Sounds (Score 4, Interesting) 490

I've been trying to move to CA from the Midwest for years now (my wife's family is in CA and she needs to take care of an aging parent), but it's tough since no company is willing to pay for a move unless you have a very specific skill they're looking for that they can't find locally (I'm very good at my job, but I'm nothing special as far as skills go). Trying to interview long distance is also difficult, even with things like Skype (assuming they even will do it). Our current options appear to be either A. Blow our life savings on a move across country and hope I can get a job before we go broke, or B. Find a company that is willing to hire long distance and hope they don't decide to lay me off before our finances recover from the move. As much as my wife wants to be back in CA, she won't risk our future on it.

I've always been curious about how people are able to jump from one side of the country to the other and support themselves with no problems. Maybe it's because the people who do it are usually young with no real possessions to weigh them down? At my age (40), the risks start outweighing the benefits in many cases.

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 1) 477

>>The toilets there are a mess, they have no concept of how to use them,

This! A thousand times this! , why can't you? And I'm not talking about just not flushing, I think they purposely shit on the seat or even on the back(!?!) of the toilet because they've never seen one before. I have no idea how you can be paid $100,000+ a year and still have no idea how to use a toilet! A three year old can do it Then again what do you expect from a country where over 60% of the people don't have access to indoor plumbing. I feel sorry for our cleaning staff, they must see things that would make your hair curl.

Comment Facebook Purity For the Win! (Score 2) 40

I've been using Facebook Purity for months now. It has a feature that allows you to hide the entire Trending Topics box. I had to install it for sanity's sake during the election to filter certain words (I had hard core friends on both sides of the political spectrum), but I kept it active to hide the dumb crap Facebook keeps foisting on me like Trending Topics, Suggested Posts, 5000 different game requests, etc. It has made using Facebook a lot less painful, I highly suggest it.

Comment Re:Slashdot is killing itself (Score -1, Troll) 488

When you have to have your employees make 'Nuh uh! We're doing great! Here's why you're totally wrong!' type comments like this it's all over. The site may continue on as a shambling zombie version of itself for a few more years, but you'll never recapture the glory of the past.

When did this site become a third rate reddit?

Comment Re:Perfection in an imperfect world (Score 2) 162

Funny you should say that, I'm the exact same way. Two scoops to 6 cups. I took a 'coffee appreciation' class that I got as a gift and discovered that I've been making my coffee really REALLY weak. I've tried to brew it to the recommended strength, but I find that I don't like it that strong. That's probably why I can drink so much coffee a day (two to three pots) and I'm perfectly fine. If I drank that much of the 'normal' strength I'd probably be jittery and irritable (well more irritable than I normally am).

I'm hardly a coffee expert, but even at weak strength I find Starbucks to be really bitter. Even their Blonde roast is bitter to me.

Comment Door Games (Score 2) 181

One nice thing about Door games back then was that everyone got the same amount of turns each day, and when those were spent you were done. This made the games a bit more fair as 'Pay to Win' hadn't been invented yet. There was no 'Buy extra turns for only $x' or 'Upgrade to an elite account for more turns per day'. About the only way to get an unfair advantage was schmooze the Sysop into giving you more, but that rarely worked. :)

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