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Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 2) 250

Yep. Our building did this earlier this year. They pretended to ask our opinion on the matter (they had an 'express your thoughts' board up for a few weeks until it suddenly disappeared one day after 99.9% of the comments were negative with a few suspicious sounding positive comments mixed in) but we later found out that the plan was already in motion long before that board went up. So far they've done the upper floor and the response has been resoundingly negative. People complain that there's no privacy and they can't get any work done because their 'desks' are so small now. Basically they went from a standard cubical (with a wrap around desk) to a 3 foot piece of desk (with tiny little dividers on each side). The 'desks' are barely large enough for a computer and a phone.

We found out that they went ahead with the project because some vice president had it on their objectives this year because it saved money due to the fact that they were able to cram more people into the building rather than open a new one. Of course they didn't think about parking or bathroom space when they did that calculation so both are a disaster. Thankfully I'm in a secure lab that they've decided to ignore because they can't cram more people in due to security concerns. We've had tons of people try to get their managers to move them in though, even though they have absolutely no reason to be in here other than they don't like the new 'desks'.

Comment Re:Perfect. Do it now. (Score 3, Interesting) 254

You don't act like an asshole to drive away the overly sensitive, you ignore them. Eventually they get fed up that no one is listening to them whine and move on. This is the tactic we use on the boards I moderate and it works really well. Being an asshole drives away regular people too.

Comment So it begins... (Score 1) 405

Given that hate speech these days is defined as "Things I don't agree with", this is simply going to end with those in charge deciding what people can and cannot talk about. I suppose it's a plus if your guys are the ones in charge, not so much if you're on the other side. I would say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I don't think there are even good intentions here. This is just a power grab by those in charge to shut up people they don't like. They're only using terrorism as a cover.

Comment Re:Really Sad? (Score 1) 551

My current desktop is 8 years old. It dual boots Windows 10 and Ubuntu and works great for what I need it to do. If I ever bothered to update the graphics card I could probably play most modern games (albeit not at the highest quality), but that's what I have my consoles for. I never understood people who had to get a brand new computer every 3 or 4 years. If I need more power I update the weakest part of the system (usually memory or graphics) and go from there.

Apple has really lost their way since Jobs died. They've pretty much given up on their desktops, their laptops are hit and miss, and the iPhone line has seriously stagnated. They need to figure out what their place is in the computer world or they risk becoming irreverent (although they have the cash to wander aimlessly for years I suppose). Today's Apple is starting to look a whole lot like the Apple of the 90's.

Comment Who has the time? (Score 1) 394

Who has the time to comb through page after page on their watch to find an answer? Unless the test is relatively short or the user only needs to jog his memory on one or two questions there's no way you'd have the time to do this.

Back when I was in school most of my teachers gave us either one page of paper or a note card that we could use as a 'cheat sheet'. I used to fill it up with all kinds of formulas and equations, but rarely actually looked at it during the exam because hunting for the info took too much time, and by writing it all down I already memorized it. This was actually a great study tool that I used even when we weren't allowed a cheat sheet (I obviously didn't bring it to the exam). I remember seeing people with the front and back of the paper absolutely crammed with info at a 6 point font (some even brought a magnifying glass to read it) and would consult it for almost every question. They were usually the ones crying for more time to finish.

And no, that pun was not intended. Sometimes they just work out that way.

Comment Re:NSA? (Score 1) 183

>>Well, the reciprocal to that is "why should the rest of the world give a fuck about what Americans want"?

Because we have the internet?

>>You're acting like the guy who invented the wheel gets a vote in how it's used forever ... the internet got created decades ago, get over it. That doesn't mean the US retains control of it forever.

Why not?

Comment Not That Uncommon (Score 1) 332

We have a bunch of old Dell servers where I work that are from the early 2000's (around the time when the Pentium /// was new) that are still chugging away running Windows 2000. They're only used for trouble shooting old versions of software running at plants that haven't updated to newer versions yet, but they still run mostly problem free. They're finally being retired now, but I'm sure some of the database servers will be kept just in case they're needed for some reason or another. The biggest problem we've had with them is that the battery on the RAID card tends to blow up and destroy the motherboard if not caught quickly.

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