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Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 336

The question that never seems to get asked is: Why do these executives get these incredible salaries? Does anybody - apart from the tiny elite at the top - really think it is good value for money?

That's not really the question. Steve Jobs was demonstrably worth hundreds of billions of dollars to Apple's shareholders.

The real question is "why do these executives continue to get incredible salaries when they demonstrably do nothing for the company?"

The issue is that they're being paid as if they're founders when, in fact, they're simply running a ship that someone else built and set out to sea. It's not the same job and nowhere near as difficult. Jobs took a company that was nearly bankrupt and turned it into the world's most valuable company. Unless Cook seriously steps up his game he either needs to be paid $100K/year for the job he's doing or replaced. If he's not replaced soon, Apple will likely be irreparably harmed.

It's the traditional Apple cycle. If Jobs was still at the helm we'd be in the same place we are now. Apple was already in a downturn as competition designed cheaper products.

Comment Re:Not news until his salary is $0 (Score 1) 336

Thin will be in until he's removed as CEO. HP made their laptop 1.8mm thicker for a third more battery life in order to drive their 17" 4K monitor. Apple needs to do the same.

The fact that Apple significantly reduced the capacity of the batteries in the 2016 models just to make them thinner says volumes about the design choices going on behind the scenes. It's all part and parcel with the removal of the MagSafe connectors, the removal of all ports except USB-C. The people who are deciding how a "professional" laptop should be designed are clearly not using a laptop in a professional capacity.

They are designing it around what accessories/peripherals they can squeeze out of you after the purchase while keeping their products the same price. The total cost of ownership for the new Macbooks is going up a few hundred dollars per person.

Comment Re:oh, great (Score 1) 332

People in Africa were already slaves; they were made slaves by black people.

The first legally recognized owner of slaves, under common law, in what would become the United States was Anthony Johnson, a black man.

Until Anthony Johnson, white people purchased African slaves and treated them instead as indentured servants, who would become freed men with their own land after a certain number of years of service; white men, such as the Irish, were also indentured servants in this way. White people were the last ones into the slave trade, and white people were then the ones who ultimately ended slavery.

So, yes. There was slavery, but you never get taught the whole story.

Of course you're an AC so you'll never see this. Roughly 4.5% of the slaves shipped out of Africa landed in what was British America at the time. That's roughly 500k slaves. Over 11.3 million were transported by the Atlantic slave trade of which 10 million landed in Brazil and other areas of South America. That practice continued long after slavery was abolished in the USA and slavery existed in Africa up until 1942.

Comment Re:oh, great (Score 1) 332

The evidence that the Holocaust happened is overwhelming. You might as well question whether slavery really existed or whether people from Africa voluntarily came to America, worked on plantations of their own volition, and were actually well-paid for their efforts. It's easy to raise the latter as a "theory", but all historical evidence runs counter to it and the only people who would accept it (or "The Holocaust never actually happened") are racists, neo-nazis and the like.

Why even give the credit of being part of a hate group? People who believe it never happened are just flat out dumb shits.

Comment Re:oh, great (Score 1) 332

And yet the evangelists hesitate to bring any proof of this documentation.

It's almost like their outrage at skepticism was designed to prevent too many rational people from contemplating the evidence.

People like to have things dragged down to their level. But this is utter insanity; you can't demonize people, ;et alone those who are closely related to you, without thoroughly investigating the matter for yourself. You have to serve justice to your fellow man, you have to do due diligence to investigate your own character, and you need to be informed to deal with politics.

But all of this turns out to be too much work for people who have all their physical needs taken care of and nothing at all to do really. They would rather be entertained than to think about anything "yucky".

Were things so bad as this before the war? What really were the sides? Did another kind of Nazi win despite Germany's fall?

Interviews and first hand testimony is more than enough for most humans. Not to mention Nazi War Criminals who admitted it. Do you need a children's book with pictures telling us the story or something?

Comment Re:We are all haters now (Score 1) 492

If "seizure-inducing" speech is prosecutable now, we better all become "seizure-inducing haters", before the First Amendment is dead and buried.

They could not quite get at it with "hate speech" bans, they are attacking it with "seizures" now...

Maybe read the article...

Comment Re:Um (Score 5, Insightful) 492

This is typical of our 'everyone is a victim', 'everyone gets a participation trophy' society. Nobody takes personal responsibility anymore for anything. It's symptomatic of the collapse of the USA as a former world power.

No. This is an example of someone specifically targeting the human with prior knowledge of him having epilepsy.

Comment Re:Yahoo assume lasting responsibility? (Score 1) 52

Verizon is buying Yahoo. Who would be left to assume responsibility? The shareholders?

When Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems they had to deal with the fallout of Java when suddenly realizing it was highly insecure. So you take full ownership of both the good and the bad when purchasing a company.

Comment Re:This is how you drain the swamp (Score 1) 858

> You also have yet to prove why 2C (current prediction) of potential warming does anything except bring unprecedented prosperity to humanity.

The 6 meters of sea-level rise that will eventually happen as a consequence of 2C in temperature increase will put major parts of coastal areas underwater.

In 300 years.

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 129

wipe the drool from your chin and RTFA

I had the same question as the OP. That line, "More than 95% of PowerShell scripts analysed by Symantec researchers have been found to be malicious," is a direct quote from the article, which provides no context. I'm assuming the author meant 95% of malware that had PowerShell... no even that doesn't make sense. I don't think the story is credible.

Let me guess. The story is followed up with information on how to purchase Symantec products to secure your Enterprise? Right? Well the way to do that is to buy McAfee instead.

Comment Re:Right on schedule (Score 1) 560

The new studies that show new, ominous sounding but nebulous effect of Marijuana use are beginning to appear. They always appear whenever Marijuana laws are being relaxed. The same thing happened in the UK a few years back when the police said they would no longer actively pursue arrests of Marijuana users. These studies are to be ignored. Legalization and governmental control of who can purchase and grow Marijuana are both enlightened and necessary to move forward. The anti-drug laws and their deleterious effects on individuals and society must first be eliminated before their past effects can be reversed. Legalize and then empty the prisons of those jailed exclusively for possession, use, and sale of Marijuana. Make it illegal for companies to test and discipline/fire their employees for substances found that have been confiscated from their employees' bodily fluids. This needs to be the real deal, otherwise it will be reversed in a heartbeat.

They shouldn't be ignored. There's a possibility it could be true. The research needs to be duplicated, many times by more than 1 research team. Only then will the credibility be challenged, confirmed or refuted. We needs lots of testing. Personal experience isn't a valid test.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

Agreed, and I expect that as more states legalize pot the more the opioid and alcohol industries will fund "studies" to show the horrible dangers of THC. Forget about the facts that alcohol and opioids kill tens of thousands of people each year in the US. Forget about all the traffic accidents and domestic violence tied to alcohol abuse. Everyone knows pot is safer than alcohol, opioids and tobacco. But that won't stop the research into the "dangers" of pot.

Most people that want marijuana legalized for medical purposes don't give a rats ass about the THC component. They want the cannabis part which is what contains all the healing properties we're aiming for. People that are obscenely stoned are just as much of a danger on the road as someone who is drunk. Which also means marijuana will never be legalized at work. Something people don't understand either.

Comment Re:And us too - soon (Score 1) 394

FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump

All because you sheeple want to feel safe.

"People want to be slaves" - Academy Award nominated director I work out with.

Face it, the people don't want to really be free. They want to feel safe above all else. They are so afraid of terrorism when the fact is they are most likely to die from complications of their obesity or from a car accident because they were distracted while they were updating their facebook page.

We have freedom though. There's not a single thing in life I couldn't do outside of driving and drinking ages that I've been restricted from doing. There's this perception that your freedom is being taken away just because the government can see what you're doing. Quite frankly they don't give a flying fuck unless you're doing bad things.

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