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Comment Re:They're onto something. (Score 2) 107

If there's something in the sky interfering with your DirecTV system, call 1-800-DIRECTV and they'll tell you to unhook your dish, then let them send a laser from space down your path to clear out whatever's there... if there's nothing interfering with the signal there, you just need to turn up the power with an amplifier in your system.

Comment Re:They're onto something. (Score 2) 107

Let's sort this out...

When TV went digital, channels 2-6 and 52-69 were retired from the TV band... creating as yet unused bandwidth.
When LTE needed a frequency, there was unused military band numbers that timed out... so it's a loss under "use it or lose it!"
Wireless Cable didn't come close to working... you just couldn't make a signal powerful enough to work and also weak enough to be safe... DirecTV and Dish Network's emitters are so strong they have to spread over wide areas, and no such things work for local. It'd be equal to having broadcasts on every channel or more.

There are some big codec changes ready for MPEG6 developed (HERE ON Slashdot!) years ago... we're just waiting for the MPEG4 chips to go through the retail distribution systems.

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 2) 107

Verizon isn't making enough money with FIOS to repair expected to fail fibers in the future... looks like that network won't be rebuilt. Comcast/Xfinity is built on fiber to the neighborhood, then coax to each home and port.

Coax is slower but lasts longer, but still fast enough to offer a gigabit per second to each customer.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 113

I was asked by MassHighway and WBZ(AM) Traffic on the 3s to drive 100 MPH in this zone in my Honda Civic Hybrid, and trucks carrying books from the Harry Potter series on release night did the same thing.

In this case, it was late on a clear night and I had the section of road all to myself so there was nothing to hit, and I was told to gently apply breaking four miles before my exit.

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