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Comment I was so excited.... (Score 1) 320

I was home sick (probably faking it like usual) from 7th grade. I was so excited I was about to watch my first live launch ever. Only my mom was home with me. I was sitting right in front of the TV. It started off amazing....then...went wrong. I knew immediately something wasn't right. I slowly turned around to look at my mom. She asked me, "Was that supposed to happen?" I slowly shook my head back and forth, feeling dread and sadness well up. I remember it like it was yesterday. :(

Comment How about a tablet? (Score 1) 287

My grandmother is 90. She went from using nothing to using an iPad. She mainly plays solitaire, but also uses it to browse the web, read email and even Skype video calls with the multitude of grandkids and great grandkids (even 1 great-great grandson.) It didn't take much to get her comfortable with it. It is lightweight and a good lap pad will ease the weight even more. She even takes it to her many many doctor appointments to have something to do/read while waiting...

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