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Comment terrible names (Score 1) 118

I guess they are going for the "wild animal" theme for their names. It looks like they order them in "strength" of the animal with small mammals being the low end of each line, hooved quadrupeds at the mid-level and great apes at the high end.

I just think the whole thing is stupid... who wants a desktop called "Wild Dog Pro"?

It's a neat concept and all, selling pre-configured Linux laptops, desktops and servers but I just would not be able to tell people that I am running a "Bonobo WS" (WS?) computer with a straight face... Let alone look at the name every time I sit down at my computer or pull out my laptop.

Comment Re:One ass to kick (Score 5, Insightful) 180

Why do people insist on living in idealist land even when the real world clearly doesn't work that way?

How often do CEOs get their "asses kicked"?

Ridiculed, sure. Left destitute and without prospects (let alone send to jail) after driving a company into the ground and ruining the workers and investors? Rarely.

Comment Oh good (Score 4, Insightful) 69

So the deep pockets win again.

Also... WTF? We stand on the shoulders of giants every day while we share and consume information, yet only one entity gets to own the technique derived from all these other people's efforts. And it's no surprise to me that it is an entity which absolutely doesn't need it.

Seriously, screw these schools who make you pay them to own your ideas... what better business is there?

It's the same thing with college sports... billions of $$ and all straight into the war chests of these institutions and the player gets to pay for the privilege...

Comment Re:Not a space junk problem (Score 1) 157

I am not an orbital scientist or anything, but I am thinking that the space around our planet is pretty vast. I am guessing that every single man-made object orbiting earth wouldn't even fill the borders of a small town.

And not everything orbits in the same plane.

I am not saying that space junk isn't a potential problem but I am guessing that the chances of encountering one is pretty small even if we add 1000x more stuff.

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