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Comment Re:Big news (Score 2) 227

I seriously doubt this will happen, unless the costs for this type of DNA analysis comes way down.

I am sure it will come way down.

Many organizations drug screen and we have come to accept this (for some reason). Why would DNA testing be any different?

I see a very strong possibility that this will come to pass. The reason I say this is because any time something makes financial sense for a business to do, then it will become legal if enough of them throw money at it (which they will).

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 5, Insightful) 889

I am all for UBI if it can be implemented intelligently.

I am an able bodied guy and will continue to work. But I understand that there are others who are not as fortunate as me. I have no problem paying for their subsistence.

The only thing is, we have to do it well if we are going to do it right. Remove loopholes and incentivize productivity as much as possible.

But, I fear that something this radical is a non-starter for a lot of reasons, not least of which is because it is the much feared socialism which every Mercan knows is synonymous with evil...

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 1) 474

I don't think Trump actually wants the job.

I am of the same opinion. I really think that Trump loves to be the center of attention and this has probably got to be about the ultimate high for the guy. So many people with Trump on their lips and in their minds.... I am sure he is loving every minute of it. But I don't think that even Trump expects to be president. It would be serendipitous, of course, but I don't think he cares that much. POTUS is a hard and thankless job... I don't see him as the type of guy who would thrive in that kind of environment.

He is kind of set either way though. If he does win (he won't) he will be POTUS and guaranteed to be in the limelight whenever he opens his mouth. But the runner up position is just as good or probably a lot better given the freedom he will have (won't be locked away by secret service and monitored/policed 24/7). He will be given exclusive pundit status as well as even more business opportunities due to notoriety, going forward.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 4, Interesting) 357

I feel very similarly.

Let the protesters protest. If they just took an indifferent approach, I don't think there would be any kind of a problem outside of local politics. People have a short attention span. A month down the road and people would be like 'what pipeline? oh yeah... how'd that turn out anyway?'. Instead, they have tapped in to the outrage machine of big government trying to gag the little guy.... that is a much more dangerous nerve to tread on....

Comment Re:Can't even match Cygwin (Score 1) 163

Ever since at least 2007, it seems like all of the new admin GUIs on Windows are really just a wrapper around PowerShell commands.

This makes me think that CLI is the primary focus and has been for a while now.

As a matter of fact, even before 2007, to do anything truly advanced, you had to resort to the CLI... it is just that the CLI tools were all discrete and were only as good as the team that created them. Now they are all being unified under PowerShell.

PowerShell is very capable and actually fun to script with. I am saying this as a Perl guy. I find a lot of similarities between the two of them actually, which I am sure is no coincidence.

To me, it sounds like your attitude is a relic from a different time and you are using old information to maintain you prejudices.

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