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Comment Re:Scammers don't use real numbers (Score 1) 97

Right, I don't actually DO any of the things I was claiming, I just lie to him. Its so much easier than actually going through with it. I put him on speakerphone and go about my business while I fuck with him.

No videos, but one dude totally caught on and started singing to me before he hung up.

Comment Re:Scammers don't use real numbers (Score 1) 97

> The scammers have become wise to this. They refuse to deal with Windows 98 and Windows XP on grounds that Microsoft has announced their end of support.

So much effort anyway....its easier to not setup a VM and...get this.... Lie to them.

Its fun. Treat it like a video game. Its role playing practice. Your just rolled a new character "stupid user". Just pretend to be the dumbest user you ever tried to help, and imagine what issues they might encounter. Feel free to be "too smart for your own good".

My favorite was when one guy asked me to open a link "in chrome", I agree. 3 mins later he is asking "whats going on now?" "oh I am installing chrome" "oh so you have a web....ok" He waited another 5 minutes before checking in again.

Hint: I wasn't installing chrome

Comment Re:Old movies (Score 2) 257

I love Dr Who but I had to come to terms with the fact that it is not really science fiction so much as science fiction themed fantasy. It is well written fantasy and it plays at being science fiction but, they really just do whatever.

In fact, we are not alone, I recently found a rant that sums it up well; I still watch the show but, its a good steady fuck buddy, not really relationship material:

Comment Re:headline resummarized: Tor!=Panacea (Score 1) 55

> I like the idea of running tor an a separate VM from the one you do your browsing on.

It is a proxy and most of the attack vectors attack the end client, not the network itself.... the tor client needs internet access, the client behind it can only harm itself with direct acces.... so don't give it...not even dns, nothing. Just port 9050 alone and only one responding IP.

Maybe drop another interface on there and log all the non-port 9050 traffic as well :)

Comment Re:headline resummarized: Tor!=Panacea (Score 1) 55

That is not the very least. That is a whole bunch of extra work when entire distributions exist just to obviate the need for this. Take a look at tails.

It is, of course, recommended to put it on a usb stick and clean boot hardware off the stick to use it; however, there is nothing stopping you from bringing it up in a VM if you are ok with the trade offs.

Accomplishes the same thing, for less work, and with a much larger already setup base which will be identical to other users, in ways that increase the work of differentiating you from other users.

also, it is possible to jail an environment better.... What you really want on you VM is to jail it onto a network segment with no gateway where its only connection to the outside world is a tor client on a second VM.

Which i care enough to state, not enough to even setup for myself. I have a few tails sticks for the few things I really need a secure environment far that means mostly for times I want to drop off the network entirely in order to work with key generation.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

> different psychotropic drugs, many of which I found out later have studies showing that they are less effective than a placebo (but slightly more effective than the previous class of useless drugs).

And yet, nobody had any qualms about prescribing them and charging insurance or taking your money for them. Less effective than placebo....that is really fucking something.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 4, Insightful) 560

More than that, even if you are not trying to do bad science, there is always incentive to report bad science. I saw a great example myself a while back, big headline about marijuana use increasing the risk of heart a pot smoker I was concerned, so I dig in....

First, it wasn't the main point of the study. Pot smokers made up a small portion of their study population. The overall study was good.

So out of a study of many hundreds, the big headline was on a small sub-population of somewhere around 20 people. The main metric they used was how many hours it had been since a person last smoked.... 24 hours being the lowest.

So basically.... a small number of pot smokers who had heart attacks before and had new ones, had them within 24 hours of smoking pot. Totally disregarding that if they had another heart attack at all, the likelyhood of it being within 24 hours of smoking was high, even if there is no connection.

It wasn't even a large difference, it was a small anomaly from a small population.

In the end, the result wasn't worth reporting, much less a headline, but reporting it like they did got their names int he paper and a big national headline.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Interesting) 403

If you mean "try it" or "use it sometimes" then there are lots of reasons, esp if you need to maintain a windows box for any reason (there are some games I really like and have had too many headaches trying to switch)

I would much prefer to do any and all development/real work on a Unix platform and preferably linux. However... having the tools I know and love available to me is always a bonus....even if its in the ridiculously stupid, disrespectful surveillance malware of an OS Windows 10 really aspires to be.

I would never trust Windows as a platform. Its a game box, the windows 10 PC is a glorified game console that also doubles as an acceptable platform for shit-talking on the web.

That will always be the extend of its usefulness, because that is as far as I can trust it.

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 1) 291

Its even more difficult when you are ignoring that its actually an old problem that you never made much progress on.

Cell phones are entirely new in the past generation, but, there has been no uptick, overall, in distracted driving deaths, certainly not like you would expect if they were an actual cause and not simply a new preferred choice for distraction.

Distracted driving was always a problem. The only solution is to remove humans from the driving equation entirely. This will only change the symptom, more people will mess with the radio, or do some other stupid thing that doesn't get counted on its own.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 333

Although, being after the fact legislation alone isn't really the whole issue.

To my mind, a much bigger issue, is that there is no incentive to catch them and, its been established time and again, that false advertising is profitable because the fines are seldom peanuts compared to the profits.

Some prime examples, Activia, not even cosmetics but food, with its fda regulation.... they have been slapped with tens of millions in fines at the same time they had multiple billions in sales.

Hard to chaulk it up to the type of regulation when its just widely accepted that the fine is worth paying; if anyone even notices.

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