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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 890

When all or most jobs disappear It will be critical the existence of a UBI. Unless you know a way to literally kill all who will be jobless (and notice that these people will not go down without a fight). I think it's better to implement a UBI than try to kill 90% of humanity, do you think?

On the relevance of the theme for Slashdot, I honestly believe it is really important when it involves the employment of all who read it. You will not be able to read technology news if you don't have a job or if you are trying to escape the hunters-killers of the 1%.

Comment Re:Self-sustaining civilization on Mars (Score 1) 474

Way, way more difficult because of the usual lunatics (religious, psychopaths in government offices, third world dictators, lawyers, etc). Or in other words, it is much more difficult because your success depends on the cooperation of a lot of people who do not want to cooperate with you.

Comment Re:Non-removable battery = bad business risk (Score 1) 202

I failed to understand your ignorance (or arrogance) ... Try putting a battery that can not be replaced in a flashlight, in a notebook or on any device whose lifespan is far greater than any current battery. Go back to your basement, you are not able to understand the real world.

Comment Re:How easy it would be to... (Score 1) 299

Implications, implications... In this case the dog would be just another way to accuse you of having a "suspicious pendrive", as another Slashdotter noted the dog's reaction needs to be interpreted by the police and this can interpret what he wants when his goal is to plant a false proof. And for reasons? Well, a fascist not need a lot of reasons. You do not having the correct skin color and the right clothes can be reason enough for him.

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