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Comment Re:The other side's best evidence (Score 0) 371

So what? I typed that in a hurry on my phone. If you would try and argue for once without resorting to ad hominem and other fallacies, you might actually learn something useful about an issue. Instead, you respond to people who don't agree with you by insulting them and don't gain any better understanding of anything.

Comment The other side's best evidence (Score 0) 371

A few years back I looked into global warming to find out if it was real. The thing that threw me off was that the vostok ice core data in the original 1999 report showed that CO2 ROSE AFTER the temperature went up and FELL AFTER the temperature went down. They fixed the data in the later reports to not show this relationship, but I knew something was screwy. Here's a good article on the evidence that NOAA is faking their data for political purposes:

The other thing that also is funny is that the answer to global warming is always a global carbon tax or cap and trade, which is essentially a new petrodollar since all carbon credits are payed for in dollars so the us government can buy unlimited carbon credits for its favored industry while other countries have to get our dollars somehow to be able to burn fossil fuels. It's a great way to run an empire and control Russia's power as a leading oil exporter. So I eee the reasons for letting all the useful idiots to believe all this stuff, but for us critical thinkers it's pretty obvious it's a ingenious scam.

Comment America spend double what other countries do (Score 1) 497

Health care spending as a percent of GDP is double what it is in all advanced economies and we have worse outcomes by several measures. THE SOLUTION IS NOT TO SPEND MORE MONEY! WE ALREADY DO THAT BY A HUGE AMOUNT! The fix involves getting the drug, hospital and insurance prices down and that involves spending LESS money.

Comment Google despises backward compatibility. (Score 1) 73

Anyone who has ever worked with the Google WebService APIs should know that Google absolutely has zero concern for backward compatibility or supporting old versions of APIs. They would often deprecate old versions of the Adwords API and make radical changes to it every few months. This was a constant headache for developers who had to work with these things. It's funny now that they are involved with hardware that they think they can be so flippant.

Comment Paper Ballots Counted At The Precinct Level (Score 4, Insightful) 360

You want to prevent all hacking? Just use paper ballots counted at the precinct level. India has a billion people and it works just fine. Our election is important enough that it's foolish to trust it to unauditable, easily hacked voting machines when the alternative of hand counting is not that hard.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 2) 562

Sorry for replying to my own post, but I just came up with THE PERFECT paragraph justifying Thiel's board seat.

" We incorporate hegemonic values such as pure meritocracy regardless of race, as represented by Thiel, but also the values of inclusion and diversity through our more progressive board members. By including both these perspectives we can selectively choose between these values where appropriate in order to maximize shareholder value effectively, which of course remains our highest and most important goal as a corporation".

^ This incorporates the most perfect essence of corporate America: We do and believe whatever it takes to make more money.

Comment Technology is slowing down. (Score 1) 536

I think this is a symptom of technology slowing down. They can't make the phone go faster or have a better screen or have a new sensor, so they start doing crap like this. I think now we are at a point with computer technology where we were in 1970 with space technology. We have had decades of rapid progress and we think it will continue into the future indefinitely, but things are about to stagnate in a major way. There is no clear path forward for CPU technology from 14nm. Intel missed a technology generation, extreme ultraviolet lithography is not ready for prime time yet. PC sales are slowing down, phone makers aren't able to come out with anything new or exciting. Winter is coming.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 2) 104

I worked for a company that had similar scam problems. These scammers are able to pull off these scams at absolutely massive scale and they've been doing it for years against everyone and anyone. They find any little rinky dink offer and exploit the living crap out of it. They have so much talent that you wonder why they don't conduct actual legitimate business.

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