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Comment Re:cool link (Score 5, Interesting) 251

Editor's note: Submitters and editors should note that it is best to open a private browsing window and manually remove session ID gobblegook from URL to test a link. Greetz BugMeNot, works sometimes.

For small pocket devices WE HAVE EXCEEDED PEAK LI-ON BATTERY AREA and especially LENGTH. Samsung should retool the G7 to contain two or three smaller 'proven' Lion battery packages with separate charging circuits. It is possible that a manufacturing variance ultimately related to area is fooling the charge circuit and making these more susceptible to overcharge. There is also physical stress, another trigger. Batteries should not straddle the middle of the device where the most butt-pocket deformation will occur.

Comment The CYBER ELEPHANT in the room is... (Score 3, Insightful) 689

Russian server operator says, "[October 2] If the FBI asks, we are ready to supply the IP addresses, the logs." However, he says, "Nobody is asking⦠Itâ(TM)s like nobody wants to sort this out." . Now oh best beloved, this is NOT because the NSA has taps on all traffic within Russia. They don't,and as all you IT folk know, there is nothing as useful as logs from the server itself (if it was just used a reflector) or other network devices within the provider.

But the FBI seems content to let this attack be originating from Russia. The same FBI who is 100% behind Clinton, who wants to start Cold-then-Hot war 2.0. You're being played, folks.

What is most astonishing is that the FBI could have feigned interest, sent people over there to meet with this fellow and gather all available evidence,and then just pretended not to find any. Corroborating with the operator of a compromised server is chapter-one stuff. So damned obvious it hurts.

Which illuminates the most disturbing aspect of all. We are not merely dealing with conspiratorial bias, and laziness. There is a big measure of stupidity mixed in.

Please don't vote for stupid.

Comment Peak Fumble (Score 1) 121

I think the quest for ever thinner phones and ever thinner batteries is to blame.

MARKETING! STAT! New product and campaign. Moshi moshi.

New phone rounded edges and corners thinner no buttons.
Like all our other phones?
No, different. Quadrilateral yet not rectangular. This shape.
That is a coffin shape. Looks like.
Yes I drew it much to show, but real angle here no more than 5 degrees off vertical.
But everything we make is rectangular! People want display go to edge.
Make people want this instead. Put button or something in edge part, new shape is important.
Why this idea? Why now?
We must change. Our product line has reached 'peak fumble'.
So the Fumble Working Group told you this?
Yes. First they tell us, we must pay Hollywood to have actors toss phone to each other in movies.
+Then they tell us in commercials people must do everything with one hand. Like card trick.
+Then they say side buttons flush with case because they were helping fingers hold on.
+Then it was thin! Thin! Thin! So hand cannot securely wrap around, phone pops up and out.
+ But now they say we reach 'peak frumble'. Phones dropping has leveled off. Must do something.
How will new shape help?
We have years of rectangular phone now, thin phone. People nervous, hold it tightly, right?
This new phone when you squeeze will shoot out of hand like pumpkin seed! Is brilliant!
That is nice. You should do it both ways make wedge shaped too thicker on display end.
Why so?
Young female demographic, tight jeans rear pocket. They sit down and their phone extracts itself easily.
Yes! These two things work together. We need to form a Lost Phone Working Group.
Great, now we need to hear from Suddenly Screen Crack Working Group. How are things?
Screen crack in warranty is down, but post-warranty screen crack is line that falls, like so.
Needs improvement. Tell us again about your tension over time initiative.
Bezel glass is mounted on gasket, and we start with gasket thicker on one end.
+Then heat treat and press gasket flat before manufacture. Case allows expansion but glass does not.
+This way we can reach triple tension on glass two months out of warranty.
+ At one year even more. Even one meter drop onto wood surface triggers fracture.
I have seen the report. But to provide this tension, the gasket must be backed with metal, yes?
Unfortunately yes. A thin but strong outer frame casting of treated steel. Heavy.
True, but increased heaviness improves the cracking profile because it results in more impact.
GOOD, THEN. We will go with the new shape, thicker on one end, and sell the idea that heavier is good.
+ That should be easy. We introduce idea herring that heavier means you can hold onto it easier.
+ And go with the tension gasket idea. I want to see a crack profile that starts peaking at six months.
+ And we must strive for total cracking by a year and one half. One hundred percent, people!
Meeting is adjourned.


"It's all connected. You're seeing the fish flopping, it's the fish flopping. I'm telling you weird stuff like this happens just before the tsunami. When rivers run backwards that should be a warning sign. Next birds will fly backwards and people will just grunt at it, if tomorrows a decent down day, look out next week. I got a tingly feeling here, tingly like as in people are turning in expectations, this could get ugly..."

I had some relevant tech comment in mind but it just dissolved into disgusted anger and an anxious concern for the future. So I just pasted the above paragraph, which I paste on those WTF occasions. PLEASE, let's just do this first in California and give it a few years, see how it all works out. Roll it all out in California! Point to point Gigabit Internet to every home, cell phone tattoos, IoT tooth fillings and rubber duck antennas protruding from every skull. Those wireless electric meters are old-fashioned, let's replace them with newer models that yell at passers-by! Well hell, how about electricity by wireless? Hail Tesla! I can hardly wait until the whole state becomes a cluster-fuck electromagnetic shit-storm that glows at night. We'll be able to read by it.

Comment Re:?No comprendo? (Score 1) 266

Try to envision a world in which the FAA would write a regulation including the phrase "but if it's just a SMALL fire, then heck, just toss it out the door and carry on".

I LIKE THIS WORLD! Where do I sign up?? Sounds like if that successful and properly managed risk philosophy were applied evenly at all levels of human endeavor... it may even yield.. other benefits.

Like less suckage. Like America in the 50s. A world just as dangerous as Today's World for many, but it sucked a whole lot less.

If you LIKE the world you live in and are getting ready to troll me, I just trumped your argument. Today's World you love so much could never have been the result of a Today's kind of world. It would actually more closely resemble Tomorrow's World, which will suck even more.

Comment Re:all major providers.. (Score 1) 121

Absolutely THIS, plus layoffs. I started a discussion about the end of POTS in 2013, some interesting stuff about cell vulnerability in there.

And missed opportunity to hire experienced people beyond the confines of their profile. Frankly I'd rather be doing telecom than manual labor. I'd even settle for doing telecom for really low wages. But I'm 52 years and while I have a couple decades of network and telecom experience -- none of it is from the last 16 years (gasp!). The corporate HR people hide now behind SAS cloud architecture and don't deal directly with humans anymore. Their process and criteria is heavily jargon based and peppered with psych evals that favor young liars.

One day I within five minutes I received ~70 'so sorry' rejection emails from a company, one for each position I had applied for going back two years. "Hey, your queue shouldn't look like that. Here, let me fix it."

Comment 'Shielded' defined (Score 1) 109

SHIELDED now means --- any country that merely contains an Internet framework consisting of just-routers and just-links that is designed to let their population access the Internet in the most basic, streamlined and packet-passing manner possible.

Like the United States used to be before consortium ISPs started intercepting traffic, building certain 'features' into their NAT boxes, installing FBI compliance platforms. Before the NSA started installing its split-to-dark-fiber taps and 'capture and forward' rooms at and between tier 1 providers, Charter be damned.

Russia is not shielding anybody, it just lacks that Big Brother framework.
Internet, the way it used to be.
Because Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Comment FIRST, they came for Pepe the frog (Score 3, Insightful) 398

First, they came for Pepe the frog.
I didn't speak up, because I was not a Trump supporter...

Then, they infiltrated ICANN and began matching expressions to block registration of new 'hateful' domain names.
Then, the international copyright corpus paid lucrative fees to have trademarks added to the 'hate' blocking database.
Then, root and 1LD servers began returning NXDOMAIN responses to 'non-compliant' names, regardless of prior existence or fees paid.
Then, the servers began returning NXDOMAIN responses even if the 'non-compliant' match was in the subdomain portion.
Then, the servers began silently completing 'non-compliant' name responses to build a database of 'non-compliant' ip addresses.
Then, the tier 1 companies and consortium ISPs began black-holing non-compliant ip addresses.
Then, the tier 1s developed the 'ICMP trace-ping' to centrally log attempts to reach non-compliant ip addresses.
Then, the international non-compliance organization (managed by ICANN) began issuing automated 'takedown' requests for the source ip addresses.
Then, consortium ISPs streamlined the takedown process and modified their TOS to support the suspension of non-compliant service.
Then, the FBI and NSA joined TOR to issue a steady stream of 'non-compliant' traffic to ensure that all onion nodes remain suspended.
Then, countries such as China are maintaining their own clone of the non-compliance framework for their own (eg, Falun Gong) reasons.
Then, 'peace treaties' between countries are negotiated with conditions that member countries mutually share and implement their respective 'non-compliance' framework.
Here, my dystopian Internet vision ends.

Pepe the frog survives, though he is reading a book by candle light.
Don't get me started on non-compliant books.

Comment Re:Black swan events (Score 1) 259

In contrast, subsidies for different energy sources are 23.1 cents/kWh for solar, 3.5 cents/kWh for wind, and 0.2 cents/kWh for nuclear. (Tables ES4 and ES4. Solar received $4.393 billion in subsidies while generating 19,000 GWh. Wind received $5.936 billion while generating 5,936 GWh, and nuclear received $1.66 billion while generating 789,000 GWh.) That's right. The subsidy for solar is 1650x more expensive than cleaning up nuclear accidents. The subsidy for wind is 250x more expensive.

[...] Statistically, per unit of energy generated, nuclear power is the safest power source man has invented.

BLESS YOU for bringing forward subsidy per units of energy produced.

I'd like to Krazy-Glue some of these Slashdot posters to the wall and dangle a bottle of nail polish remover in front of them, to be handed over after they answer the question: "Would YOU personally pay ~115 times more for solar, and ~17 times as much for wind?" I should be allowed to glue my poster. I should be allowed to think.

Glad to see you got modded up in general, but sad to see the only commenters you get repeat that "economics don't work out" yarn they heard somewhere and repeat only when emotional appeals will not work. Deep down they just do not like nuclear energy and will grasp at anything. As it stands... to completely green-field Three Mile Island Unit 2, there have been estimates of ~$918 million, of which ~$665 is in the bank. That ~$253 million deficit is hardly worth crowing about... and I strongly suspect that 918 million is the 'Epi-Pen' price, you know, the amount things cost if you lock the most greedy, opportunistic people together in a room and don't let them out until they deliver a nice pork barrel. These things could (and should) be done for less.

Comment Shouda Oughtta Gone For The Duck (Score 1) 171

the final trial in the series was not actually part of the study plan. That kid who was sent to get the signs printed, they did them by the dozen so he cooked it up, it was his idea. With mock earnestness the signs were placed on the post and the horse was led around. They were,

1. A symbol representing quantum "spooky action at a distance".

2. A symbol representing a horse indicating a choice by indicating a symbol indicating a choice indicated by a symbol indicating a choice, by a horse.

3. A duck. No seriously, a duck. Really.

The horse pricked back its ears and leaned away from spooky towards the duck, then swung back slightly, as if to indicate

blurred motion at the edges of vision, for a moment clearly the edges repeated which warp through the center accompanied by a sudden and awful smell of burning plastic (isn't there always?) and a sound half crackling half laughter yet horrifyingly like reality being crumpled up like a newspaper or the sudden horror of blackened paper edges when no flame is visible all to hide something unthinkably


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