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Comment Re:first (Score 2) 382

Too much gets said about how great electrically powered vehicles are, but they're only zero emission at point o suse. Not enough gets said about where the electricity to charge those batteries comes from - unless it's wind/solar/wave, then it's actually quite a lot of emissions in the overall system.

Why do you believe that? It seems every Slashdot article about electric vehicles has someone making this point. However, converting all of the world's power grids to renewable energy only solves 30% of the problem. By converting transportation to electricity and converting the power grids to renewable energy eliminates the majority of carbon emissions. We should do both.

You appear to be completely dismissing the value of electric vehicles because our electric grid doesn't have enough renewable energy. However, we have the resources to tackle both of these issues at once, and it seems to me we are succeeding.

Slashdot is not ignoring renewable energy, but electric transportation is important too.

Comment Re:I have an idea! (Score 1) 457

Why don't we put all the water back into the aquifers we've been taking it out of, instead of letting it out, and down to the pacific?

If only we could trap that water behind large barrier and let it seep back into the aquifers! That would be a novel device. What would we call that? Maybe a...dam!

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

Question: Which energy technology has displaced the most people from their homes and villages, has rendered the most land uninhabitable by humans as well as all native plants and animals, and has killed thousands of square miles of animal and plant life?

Large amounts of energy are inherently dangerous. It doesn't matter what form. To be safe, a power source should:
1. be distibuted
2. be diverse
3. have redundancy

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Comment Support System (Score 1) 489

I used to think it would be fun to move around the world. However, now that I have kids, moving isn't practical. Family is a wonderful support system. Moving far away means that support system gets left behind. Unless you are incredibly wealthy, and can afford to bring parents or grandparents with, or hire a live in nanny, it's just too difficult.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

My perception is that most union members believe in their union, and thus, in the act of encouraging unionization.

Not the union members I interact with. Most of them view it as needless bureaucracy. They believe a union is necessary, but has gotten way out of control because of a few power hungry people. Most good employees want to be part of a team that gets things done, but a union can be divisive to a company's culture.

Example: a member of local 5 can't help a member of local 6 pick up a box, because picking up boxes can only be done by local 6 members according to their contract. I've seen these things happen. Everybody is unhappy about it, but the union leaders insist it's necessary to keep out the "scabs".

Comment Re:Reusablility problems (Score 1) 104

According to an article on Arstechnica, there is some problem with the current design, which means the recovered boosters are only good for one or two re-launches.

There is an issue with turbopumps cracking. I suspect this issue was only detected because the rockets have been recovered after launch.

Comment Re:Are these "stars" controlling their own celebri (Score 1) 97

Jessica Alba also runs her own business(es), which, as far as I care to research, is the biggest portion of her income these days.

Jessica Alba has been wildly successful in her business ventures. Perhaps Microsoft should have made her more than a creative director.

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