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Comment At least I can count on a hot day.. (Score 1) 494

Being sweaty standing in the intentionally long line at the Airport(because they only open 1 or 2 xray lines when they have 8 and its Monday morning), I can always count on an additional pat-down because of some sweat on my back or in my hair. But if I carry a knife clipped in my pants I don't even get looked at funny. Now I know why...

Comment Re:Let it die... (Score 0) 96

That is pretty much the plan. Old game will be imported into new game when 2.0 is done. The only reason is they don't want to change the name. They SAY, they need the subs to pay the devs for the 'new' version. I say screw that, the CC I signed up with is expired, they won't be billing me. The issue I have is if you stopped playing, even with it being free, they will begin autobilling if you didn't cancel your 'free' game.

Comment Re:Having been 'searched' recently... (Score 0) 699

I have seen more than my share of people get fingered as it were, but never myself. It's weird to me because I travel with over 3oz of liquids and a bag full of wires and a few spare batteries. But ya see, I'm a fat guy so I never get "VIP" treatment. Who want's to pay with my balls? Nobody I says.

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