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Comment True for one company, but the issue isn't PC v MAC (Score 1) 524

Anecdotal story of one company, and likely bought and paid for by Apple. If you are really paying that much to maintain your PCs then you a bigger issue on your hands with how you are setting them up and deploying them. Since this is IBM, that is very likely the case, under the constant threat of 'resource actions' much of their higher skilled workers have moved onto more stable pastures.

Comment What a crock (Score 4, Insightful) 404

He implies there is some sort of correlation to banks making donations, and tarp funds being distributed. Does $1000 seem like an appropriate bribe for a billion dollars? And since when does the secretary of state have any impact on where tarp funds are distributed? And what's the freaking point when this money is used for charity anyhow, it's not like they are buying paintings of themselves with it.

Comment A courteous employer deserves more than 2 weeks. (Score 1) 765

A courteous employer, that cashes out unused Time off, provides severance when laying off employees, even gives a heads up that layoffs might come in bad times, deserves an effort on your part to minimize the impact of your departure. An employer who doesn't pay out all of the left over vacation time, or lays folks off without severance, or is abusive, you can still be the bigger person, but it's not necessary.

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